Vodka is healthy

penne-alla-vodka-close-upOnline newspapers and thought (not worth the link) publishes almost daily kinds of studies that demonstrate the benefits or negative effects that they may have certain foods to the human body. One day we read that fat beer, following the 2nd day to see a new study that shows that it’s actually beneficial because combat cancer and prevents gout. Usually these conclusions are drawn after some observational studies that isolate cause and effect ie, without considering any other factor that may influence the outcome. Observational studies can not be used to draw conclusions about “the safety or effectiveness” of a factor, but only to formulate some hypotheses that would be through scientific experiments prove or disprove.

So it came to prove following a test attended by more than 2,500 men who shave daily that have much lower chances to suffer from a heart attack. This information was then taken up by the media and distributed a real fact, although this observation has not been proven by any scientific experiment. For this type of study is used and industry marketing that promotes a variety of products whose benefits have never been demonstrated. It goji or acai fruit is if they are lauded as miracle foods with hundreds of qualities to increase libido and to weakening effortlessly. In the US and the UK there are several lawsuits filed importriva companies that have made such statements scientifically unproven.

Therefore you must have a dose of skepticism when you read articles that declare unequivocally that particular product is good or not for health. Whatever’s publication, it is very likely that the author has not verified the information and public source material just to fulfill the daily norm.

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