Top 5 hottest PC games in 2013

During 2013 announcing a series of launches long-awaited by fans of PC games. In this article I will address the most promising 5 games in my opinion of any kind (action, shooter, strategy, etc.).hottest PC games

1. Starcraft II: Heart of
It is probably one of the most anticipated action games for PC in 2013. Heart of the Swarm is a game in itself but an expansion pack to the base game Starcraft II, yet I say that fully deserves its place in the forefront especially considering that the phenomenon is called Starcraft world’s gmaing. This add-on comes with missions and new creatures, and with the possibility toys in multiplayer mode.

2. Sim City
The popular simulation game Urban first launched in 1989, returns this year with a new version that besides the usual improvements in technical and graphic comes with a novelty in terms of game-play: contrary to previous versions, new Sim City 2013 do not have a minimum or maximum ceiling of the economy. So the simulation is closer to the real model to follow because the real market economy principles. It remains to be seen how this change users will get quite large compared to the traditional style of play.

3.Grand Theft Auto 5
Grand Theft Auto series debuted in 1997 based on a concept of “open-world” in which the player has no boundaries imposed in game map and can do whatever he wants. The gameplay is based on fulfilling missions that require looting cars and beyond, many shootings and avoid the police. What’s new Grand Theft Auto 5 is that instead of a single opinions anymore, there will be three.

4. Crysis 3
Crysis is a first person shooter that is remarkably out under the banner of Electronic Arts. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in the place where there was once New Yourk city, now in ruins. Prophet main character is a mercenary corporations thirst for revenge against demons trying to dominate the world. The launch is scheduled for the month of April 2103.

5. Tom Rider
The new game Tomb Rider series will be released in March 2013. Iubiorii this game will probably be delighted to meet again on Lara Craft and take part in new adventures. But compared with that of the preceding editions Lara was an acrobatic assassin without mercy, in this release we find the depiction of a shipwrecked on a desert island. Will this change of direction to please the fans? Remains to be seen…

In my opinion they are the biggest names in PC games that will appear in 2013. Certainly there are other releases which deserve to be discussed, the lack of time I limited to 5. And if you happen to download any of these Free PC games torrents and then do you just play it, try the original version if you buy and outdated. Such games help manufacturers and others to do at least as good as the one you just played.


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