This App Saves Me a Lot of Money at the Grocery Store

Years ago, I really got into couponing. It was so satisfying to sit and cut out all the different discount offers in the newspaper. But once I became a full time mom, I felt that I no longer had time for that. Things have changed recently in that you can now get some great discounted items through apps on your phone, and that’s how, after reading an Ibotta review a few months ago, I rushed to join. It’s fast, simple, and there are no papers to buy and no pieces of paper to cut out for hours on end.

To get started with the program, all I had to do was to download the company app on my phone. It took all of 1 minute to download it. Another 60 minutes, and I was already registered. Within seconds, I was browsing all over the app and saw what it had to offer me. I went to the offers area and found out that if I bought certain things at the store, I would get rewards. The excellent thing is that many of the items were things that I already buy when I go to the grocery store each week. I realized just how much cash back I was missing from not being part of it long ago!

Next, I went to the store and bought milk, eggs, bread and other things I could earn a reward for. When I got home, all I had to do was to scan in my receipt for proof of purchase, and then upload it to the app. Less than 24 hours later, I saw the points in my account! I then let them accumulate for about a month, and then I traded all of my points in to get money sent over to one of my online accounts. This was money that I could use to spend anywhere!

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