The Hunt for a Good Cover

Gun stock covers are a good idea for hunters, but some of the ones that I’ve come across have varied in quality. Much like the rifles themselves, the covers are made by different manufacturers, and not all of them have the same level of quality assurance or use high quality materials. I’ve bought one stock that only lasted for one use before it fell apart, which didn’t make any sense at all. I could see something with moving parts fall apart, but a piece of cloth that was sewn together should not fall apart after one use. I think the company who made this cover went out of business.

Since I bought that terrible cover, I did some research to find out which company makes the best one. I should have done this in the first place, but it’s better to do it eventually instead of not doing it at all. Examining a lot of customer reviews helped me form a good idea of which cover is the king of the market. One particular cover seemed to have the most positive reviews out of any of them. The battle for the top spot was pretty close, but this cover had the edge.

I can see why the cover had the most positive reviews. This cover felt good on the stock and against my body. The cover had some slots to hold extra ammunition, which is a bonus. There have been times when I needed to reload my rifle, but I wasn’t able to easily access my ammunition. In the woods, you have to save as much time as possible when trying to hunt an animal. Taking out more ammunition means that the hunter is making extra sound that could scare away the animals. Taking out ammunition from the cover is as easy as sliding it out.

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