Review Samsung Galaxy SIII

Not much I purchased a Samsung Galaxy SIII, my previous tefelonul the iPhone. Yes, I am one of those who made the switch Apple -> Andorid mostly because I wanted more control over my phone. I enjoy when a company decides what they can and can not do with a good pay out of my pocket. For this reason, and the desire to try something new I made this change of gadgets.Review Samsung Galaxy SIII

The phone came in a blue box, supple and well planned. He started first and started to play with for Option and settings. One of the first things we did was go to the section with ringtones and music exchange standard with something interesting. Then I customized background (unlike the iPhone, the Galaxy S3 can have backgrounds video), I secure the phone with a code of 6 figures (you can choose a certain movement of the finger on the screen instead code numbers) and I start to download applications from Adoriod Market.

As general benefits that you have Samsung Galaxy SIII against the iPhone, I remember micro card’s memory may be removed at any time and can be used in other gadgets, it has a battery that can be removed and replaced manual ( that you and more than Apple), homescreen can be customized with all sorts of widgets (weather, alarm, calendar, etc.) when sending emails Orie can attach file type (iPhone can send only images and videos), you can install any message tones like if you download an application that did not like you can return it and get your money back. There would be other advantages that Galaxy SIII against the iPhone Samsung, but for lack of time, I’m limited to those mentioned.

Regarding the less good parts (and they exist) would remember that the vibration mode of the phone is not exactly practical. IPhone vibration was much stronger and more noticeable than the Galaxy S3’s. Then occasionally appear software updates that can be downloaded only via a wireless network … it does not work if you attempt to download them via the Orange mobile internet where I’ll subscription. There are also some shortcuts that generate screenshots that you want without trigger while using the phone. Perhaps these shortcuts can be disabled, but I have not yet figured out how.

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