Putting It All Together at Once

One of my friends promised to help me put together a piece of furniture that I bought from a store. The furniture was packed into a box with all of the pieces, but the instructions barely had any words. Normally when I try to put together furniture, I’m left with pieces that I can’t figure out how to put on the furniture. I told my friend to head over to the Asheville apartments and wait for me to let him in. He brought his tools with him, and I ordered a pizza, because I figured we would need some lunch while working.

When my friend saw the instructions for the furniture, he was surprised to see how few words there were in the manual. There were a few Swedish words with English equivalents here and there, but nothing noteworthy. Sometimes the minimalist approach isn’t the best way to go. My friend was able to put together a good portion of the furniture before he needed to stop. He’s better at figuring out things like this than I am. Once he put together a puzzle that had over 10,000 pieces. I have neither the time nor dedication for something like that.

After lunch, we started back working on the furniture. I started taking the pieces I finished and combining them with the pieces my friend had finished. Slowly but surely the furniture was looking more like a complete item. Another hour and we were finally done, without any extra pieces. We turned the furniture upright and moved it into position. All of that hard work left us wanting to do something, so we decided to head out to get some dinner and then go to a bar to play some pool. I made a friendly wager with my friend that I could beat him, but I lost.

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