Putting Down Roots in Georgia

We got used to repeating a pattern for a big retail company I worked for. I would have to spend about six months or so in different districts throughout the United States. Then I would move on to the next place. I would eventually get back into the same district I left, and I would repeat the pattern again. I handled a delicate part of their business, and people in my position would get moved along about every six months. My wife is a writer, so she works from home. We looked at apartments for rent in Stockbridge GA for the next stint in the southeast district. We would look for six-month leases, and the company covered a lot of the expenses. They would pay out a year’s lease of no suitable apartment was available for six months. The next person taking over for six months would then move in.

Most of the time I got the choice of where I wanted to rent because of my seniority. I did not have to take someone else’s apartment that worked for the company and was moving out. Less senior managers did. Well, when we moved to Stockbridge, we really liked the area. We liked it so much that we wanted to stay. The apartment was great. They have a pool, dog park, fitness center, washer and dryer in the apartment and so much more. I started talking with my company about putting down some roots. They wanted me to keep my current position, so they offered me another six months in the same district. That is practically unheard of. At least, I never heard of anyone spending a year in the same district doing this job. They must trust me and like my work.

After the year was up, we decided we wanted to stay in the same apartment. We did not want to move again. I put in for a permanent position at a lower rate of pay for the district I was in. I would not have to travel around the district states as much either. I got the position even though they did not want me to change jobs. I told them I would keep my old job if they changed their policies. Georgia was just too nice of a place, and our apartment was too nice for us to just up and leave again.

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