New Career in Esports Industry

I want to find a new career, because I am not really happy with the industry I am working in, and I do not like my particular job very much either. It was not so bad at first, but after being here for 5 years, it has really worn on me, and it is to the point where I just want to do something completely different. I want to learn about careers in Esports, because that is something that I would really enjoy, and it is also something that I think I would be quite good at as well.

I have always enjoyed esports, ever since they first started to exist. I find that I probably spend at least two or three hours a day watching streams of esports on the Internet. My wife is not very happy with the fact that I spend so much time watching esports and I think it actually annoys her quite a bit that I do this. But it is how I get my entertainment, so I am not going to stop watching the streams even if she does not like it. Maybe I could cut down a bit on the amount of time that I spend watching them, and that would make her less annoyed with me.

Anyway, if I could get a job in the industry, then I think that would really make me happy. I think that I am pretty good at predicting trends with regards to what is going to become popular in esports, and so that might make me good at some of the jobs that are available in this field. I am not really sure how hard it is to get into the industry or how many open positions there are in general. But I will try very hard to get a job doing this.

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