Luxury Apartments for Rent in Denver That Let You Have a Dog

I remember renting my first apartment. It was a dump. I could barely afford it on my meager income just out of college. I needed a place to stay, and rented the first thing I could find that was within walking distance of my job. I did not even have a car, and I had a bicycle that was old and falling apart. Fast forward a few years and now I am married, we have a cool Jack Russell Terrier that has way too much energy and we found apartments for rent in Denver that were right up our alley.

Times have changed for my income. I stuck with my company through some tough times they were having and got rewarded with a much higher position when the stock to a positive turn. Some of the things that caused our value to increase to our investors were completely from some ideas I presented to the board. Now I own a tiny piece of the company. My wife and I could afford a much nicer place, and we wanted to stick with an apartment rather than putting money down on a house. We spend a lot of hours working. The only reason we can even have our dog is because my wife is a writer who does a lot of work at home. We could not leave this little guy to fend for himself if we both had a job like mine.

I am so happy we found a luxury apartment that allows you to have a pet. So many places we looked at had a no pet policy. We thought we might have to get a house just to keep our dog. There was no way he was not moving with us. He is family. Our new place is perfect. Beautiful on the inside and outside with every amenity I could ever imagine I would want. I do not see us moving from here anytime soon.

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