Late Season Wind Storm Topples a Maple Right into Our Garage

The late fall and the early winter were unseasonably warm. The first day of winter was in the 50s when it should have probably been in the 30s. The warm air kept getting warmer and that brought in a storm when the cold front moved in. The muddy ground and the wind caused a huge maple tree in our front yard to topple over. It smashed the roof and one wall of the garage. It splintered that roof and knocked down those bricks like they were toy blocks. I called a tree service in Queens NY to come out and clean up the tree before we could have the garage fixed.

I was not expecting it to get so windy so late in the season. Usually some wind whips through with some snow, but this was more like spring weather. I was expecting a thunderstorm with all the wind we were having. If it was a few degrees warmer, it probably would have been one. That old tree looked solid and intact. It always had a full set of leaves. I know because I rake them up every fall when they decide to, well, fall! It went over like a top heavy stick in mud.

I actually saw it go down from the living room window. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and saw the tree leaning. Then it tumbled right into the garage with a big crunching sound as the roof gave way and the brick wall fell over. We are just very glad it did not hit the house. If the wind had been blowing the other way, it would have hit the house. It was weird to hear those chainsaws from the tree service in Queens NY running out in our yard the next day. You usually hear those sounds in the spring after a big storm. Not this late in the year.

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