Home for the Next Three Years

When my husband was transferred to Dallas, I thought that we would look for a place there. He told me that he did not want to live in the same area where he worked, especially since he was one of the big bosses there. He wanted to keep his work life and personal life separate, which is why he told me to look at apartments for rent in Lewisville TX instead. He told me that the commute would be around 25 minutes or so each way, which he was willing to do if it meant that we had more privacy in our private lives.

Since he travels a lot for his work too, I knew that the commute would not bother him at all. I also was really happy that we would not be living in one of the biggest cities in Texas. I am more laid back, and I like a less hectic lifestyle too. When I looked at the different complexes available in Lewisville, I knew why my husband had picked that city. While it is large as well, it is more spread out and the complex I looked at had more of a rural setting to it.

I liked everything about Toscana Valley Ridge, and my husband did too when I showed him what I had found. We were only planning on staying there for maybe three years tops since he usually doesn’t stay in a location longer than that. There were one and two bedroom units available, but it is just the two of us so I knew that we would be okay with a one bedroom unit. The rooms are quite large, and there is a lot of storage space there. I looked at the pictures and just fell in love with how serene everything looks there. That is why we are now living here!

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