Finding a Reason to Smile

I have always had pretty bad teeth. I had always wished that I had taken better care of them while growing up but as an adult I was too busy to see a dentist. Or so I told myself. The truth was that after an incredibly emotionally scarring experience with a dentist as a teen, I had been far to anxious to see another. They got to a point where I couldn’t ignore them while I was living in Singapore. A front tooth fell out and I had to find a dentist to give me a dental bridge in Singapore. I was worried about the standard of care I would receive in a foreign country as well as the cost.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the cost was very affordable and I made an appointment and thought about getting some anti-anxiety medication to help me get through it without going to pieces. I needn’t have worried though, the staff there was kind, friendly and most importantly skilled. They answered all the questions I had and told me that it was okay to be scared and they kept asking if I was okay before they did each step. I got better care there than at the few dentists I saw in the states as a child and young teen.

Within no time I was walking around with a brand new smile. The most important part of the whole thing was the confidence that I felt all of a sudden, not having to worry about how widely I smiled at someone or how my mouth looked when I bit into some food. I wish I had taken the initiative to find a similarly great doctor years ago, rather than go through the years of shame and pain. I would urge anyone who is thinking about getting a dental bridge to go for it. You’ll be happy you did.

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