Doing Some Work After School

I needed to make some money and of course I have been mowing grass and doing some landscaping for as long as I have been able. One of the people I mowed grass for when I was a kid is now an Indian Wells real estate investor. He is like some of those guys you see on the DIY Network and those other TV channels where people buy derelict houses and fix them up. He is more diversified than that really. He owns several dozen houses, mostly small single family homes on the South side of the city. Of course the great thing if you are me is that it can be done really quickly a lot of the time. He has one house where the yard has so little grass that you could literally almost do it with a weed eater. I usually finish it up in around half an hour, but that includes getting the mower and off of my truck.

I am not the only one who works for him, but he likes me and so he gave me all of the easy jobs and let me do them for the same price that the other guy was charging him. Of course these guys have hard and fast rules about this sort of stuff, you do not really base the price on how much work the yard is. Instead you think about how much it costs you to get there with a pick up truck and a landscaping trailer. You basically can not move for less than a certain sum, which is going to be at least fifty or seventy five dollars. The important thing to me is to be able to do a number of the yards in one sweep, starting after I get out of school.

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