How to make your first website

If you are here it means that you have decided it’s time to make your first website and you are starting out. Although you may currently seem a rather complicated process, not so … proof are millions of websites that appear daily on the Internet. Whatever the theme of your site that you want to create it, you have several options available depending on the time, knowledge and budget that you have for this project.make your first website

The simplest way is to create a site on an existing platform such as blogging (, etc.) or the web 2.0 (,,, etc. ). In most cases, these platforms make available intuitive tools that help you do your first site in minutes. The disadvantage is that the website (address, URL) belongs and have no right over him. If these platforms are closing or find something wrong with what you’ve published it, then your site might be deleted forever.

The recommended way is to buy your own domain name. From experience, are the best (in terms of cost, usability, safety, etc.) for international domains. But if you like a .com domain when would be the most viable option. After purchasing the domain, the next step is choosing a hosting company to host your files to your site on their servers. At first you’d better get your hosting a minimum package that you realize what it zoom in on your site develops. One of the most popular hosting companies in the world is They are recognized for the quality services and affordable prices that we practice.

After you set up the domain and hosting it’s time to get your site effectively. If you have a certain budget, then you could call directly to a specialized company that makes quality web development in a constantly. In this case you’ll have everything ready-made, time and effort without deposit. However, unless you have money to invest in web design and want to make the site with your hand when you have a few choices:

1. writes in HTML editor like Dreamweaver using. In this case you have to learn to handle in HTML and CSS, but also familiarize yourself with the publisher. If you have never programmed before, then learning effort can be quite large. But this is very much each person.

2. Find a free HTML template or money you modify it as you wish. In this case you need knowledge of HTML and CSS but not as deep as the version above. It’s much easier to make a few changes (title, image, color) than build a site from scratch.

3. WrodPress install your platform ( which then put any topic you want and modify it as you wish. This option is one of the most popular and easiest ways to create websites, especially by people who do not have advanced knowledge of programming. On the internet you can find hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes that can give your website almost any look. One of the best sources of such issues is the site but a simple search on Google you can return a variety of other resources.

Although only mentioned three methods for creating your first site, it’s good to know that there are many more. These are just some of the easiest and popular. Several years ago, for example, it was fashionable websites made in Flash, because they could be highly dynamic and interactive. However, because search engines like Google not index gives content made in Flash, they perform very poorly in terms of SEO (search engine optimization) and are thus harder to find by potential users.

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