How to choose a healthy diet

For several years the internet has been invaded by all sorts of cures slabt that promise you lose dozens of kilos in a few days sitting on the couch and eating potato pizza menus pajiti and cola. I see some of these ad sites daily and think that there must be many gullible in this world because of it would be, the companies would make money and could not afford to pay advertising.healthy_diet

It’s funny that there are people who do not find it obvious that a healthy weight loss diet not only supposed to get some Acai pills or drink a tea from the bark of some tree Japanese endangered. Assuming hypothetically that such a thing would be possible and that you can lose weight with the same eating habits and physical as before, should appear even some questions about how it may affect (aggression) body inside (in hormone levels, the metabolism etc).

All those who wish to give up the pounds that you have extra should know that any healthy weight loss diet requires a change in diet and eating habits, and for faster results add and regular exercise. It’s that simple! No need for powders, pills, teas or what not gimmicks that are actually just an apology for fat people who just want to complain that they tried but did not work for them. There are all kinds of online resources that offer solutions such as healthy diet Slabescu where anyone can access tips and diets that are real, not just some nicely packaged lies.

For example, a system that works very well know is fasting intermittently. That means a 14 hour period for barbarians and 12:00 for women who do not eat anything. Drink only water or tea. It is very easy to implement because you know you will eat only between 13 and 20 for example. At the table you can eat all you want, but you must keep in mind to eat somewhat healthy (no fast-food restaurants, no processed foods, vegetables, etc.) and to include good fats in the diet (eg. Olives, avocado, fish etc.). And that’s about it! During hours of not eating, the body gets its energy from land adipost (ie lose weight!), And you eat, instead of being stored energy (ie to gain weight) it is instant use of user body. Simple and to the point … and efficiently over!

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