Consulting with Singapore Movers About Moving Illegal Items

If you are planning on relocating to Singapore, you will benefit from consulting with a Singapore mover before hand. Depending on where you are moving from, making arrangements for shipping and then moving certain personal items to your new residence can all be coordinated by a moving company.

Professional Singapore movers can handle the receipt of anything you want to ship, from furniture and appliances to your personal items like clothing. Most of all, an experienced Singapore mover can help you avoid the consequences of trying to bring illegal items, or even stuff that has quantity restrictions. Here are few of the things that you can either not bring into Singapore, or items that have a quantity restriction attached to them.

There are things on this list that you may find odd, but they are things that you cannot bring as part of your move to Singapore. This list is not all-inclusive, but does contain some common mistakes that people who move to Singapore encounter.

  • Drugs & Narcotics: Obviously narcotics and drugs are on the list, but be sure that you also check any non-branded prescription medications. Attempting to bring certain drugs into Singapore without authorization can also generate criminal charges, so be dutiful in your research when shipping your medications.
  • Guns & Ammunition: Bringing weapons, ammunitions and fireworks into Singapore can be a real problem. Even toy replicas of certain firearms are illegal. Most important thing to remember is that severe violations of any firearm statute or law in Singapore may be punishable by death. It is an excellent idea to present a complete list of any of these types of items to a mover before even considering trying to bring them into Singapore.
  • Pornographic & Politically Controversial Materials: Items that involve pornography, or politically charged literature, can also present you with some unwanted problems upon your arrival into Singapore. Best to make another list with any of these items you think you may want to ship as part of your move. Pornography is very frowned upon in Singapore, as well is politically charged controversial literature.

If you are considering a move to Singapore, be sure to check these and other potential items you wish to move with a reputable mover. Taking a few cautiously coordinated steps prior to making your move can safe you a number of headaches upon your arrival.

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