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How to choose the best sport fishing reels and rods

Any amateur fisherman should know how to choose the most appropriate tools, especially given that there are a multidudine brands and similar products in each store fishing. Nothing is worse than to leave you one of the building blocks (rod, reel, wire) when you fish in hanging on a hook and fight with him to get him to shore. Instead stick with the fish, you get only with a story to tell friends who anyway did you believe how big the monster you drop. Therefore we offer a few tips for choosing the most important tools in your kit fishing: rod and reel.rods-reels

How to choose a longline

Rod is the first fishery to which any interested above should equip. The first choice to be made is related to the material it is made longline, the most recommended being fiberglass or graphite. Graphite rods are more rigid and more susceptible to movements of fish and the fiberglass are more flexible and can be bent for a long period of time without causing structural problems. Rods may be drinkable, in one or more separate segments or handlers. The single-segment is more durable and more resistant, but the segments are more practical because can be transported more easily. Rods come in several sizes depending on the fish that can be caught with them. The best advice is to start with a medium rod, which enables you to catch just about any fish species in the country (except high as carp and sleep).

How to choose a reel

If the first reel thing is to be careful aceastora size. Small reels will hold a smaller length of thread (do not forget to take into account its thickness) compared with older, so it should be chosen depending on the size of lakes where you fish. But as for the rod, a reel medium should cover 90% of fishing trips to Romania. Reel must also be matched with rods. A small reel with a thin wire rod goes high and thick that has a low sensitivity. Just vice versa. Thread reel should not contain knots fishery because of its length could create various problems such as tangles and eventually locking reel.

In terms of brands, both reels and rods for the most popular are Shimano, Okuma and Diamond. We hope that this brief introduction has been useful, even how to sketch an idea of ​​how it should look for optimal rod reel and recreational fishing without unforeseen problems.