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I decided to learn French without a teacher

bonjourOne of the goals that want to achieve this year is learning a new language. I parry that learning a new language has many benefits not only to the obvious communication with other people who speak the language. I mean the whole learning process that stimulates creativity, memory, facilitates the creation of new synapses in the brain, thinking skills, etc. So mastering a foreign language is just one of many benefits you I could get, so instead of staying on Facebook choose to do something productive with my time.

Therefore, I as claimed this year to learn French (and next year may Italian). I took a French dictionary and started a Roman road. A … .I forgot to mention that want to learn French without a teacher, so alone. I think so I can better structure the program and I could make faster progress. I have read various articles on the net of people who have learned some very difficult and dubious languages ​​(like Chinese, Swahili, etc.) in just a few days. I even saw a case study about how a guy learned Lingala (language spoken in Congo) in just a few hours.

If others can mean that there is no reason why you can not learn French without a teacher, the more that Romanian and French resembles so much between them. However I have an ace in the hole … The guy who taught Ling achieved this performance thanks website which has been designed specifically for those who want to learn a foreign language in a more efficient manner and at a time as shorter. The concept behind this site, which also makes learning porcesul be easy, is converting mechanical learning the game. So, instead of to remember grammar rules or meanings of various words, you’re challenged with other players to get a score as good.

Of course this approach does not exclude the need to use a dictionary French novel, especially when not at the computer and have to converse or read something in French. But surely MEMRI is a tool that will allow me to reach an intermediate level in a much shorter time than using classical methods of learning.

Then, to move from intermediate to advanced level planning to move somewhere a Francophile country for six months. And total immersion language in everyday speech can lead to progressive jumps much higher than its practice here, where everyone speaks Romanian. This is pretty much my plan to learn French without a teacher.