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How to choose a healthy diet

For several years the internet has been invaded by all sorts of cures slabt that promise you lose dozens of kilos in a few days sitting on the couch and eating potato pizza menus pajiti and cola. I see some of these ad sites daily and think that there must be many gullible in this world because of it would be, the companies would make money and could not afford to pay advertising.healthy_diet

It’s funny that there are people who do not find it obvious that a healthy weight loss diet not only supposed to get some Acai pills or drink a tea from the bark of some tree Japanese endangered. Assuming hypothetically that such a thing would be possible and that you can lose weight with the same eating habits and physical as before, should appear even some questions about how it may affect (aggression) body inside (in hormone levels, the metabolism etc).

All those who wish to give up the pounds that you have extra should know that any healthy weight loss diet requires a change in diet and eating habits, and for faster results add and regular exercise. It’s that simple! No need for powders, pills, teas or what not gimmicks that are actually just an apology for fat people who just want to complain that they tried but did not work for them. There are all kinds of online resources that offer solutions such as healthy diet Slabescu where anyone can access tips and diets that are real, not just some nicely packaged lies.

For example, a system that works very well know is fasting intermittently. That means a 14 hour period for barbarians and 12:00 for women who do not eat anything. Drink only water or tea. It is very easy to implement because you know you will eat only between 13 and 20 for example. At the table you can eat all you want, but you must keep in mind to eat somewhat healthy (no fast-food restaurants, no processed foods, vegetables, etc.) and to include good fats in the diet (eg. Olives, avocado, fish etc.). And that’s about it! During hours of not eating, the body gets its energy from land adipost (ie lose weight!), And you eat, instead of being stored energy (ie to gain weight) it is instant use of user body. Simple and to the point … and efficiently over!

Vodka is healthy

penne-alla-vodka-close-upOnline newspapers and thought (not worth the link) publishes almost daily kinds of studies that demonstrate the benefits or negative effects that they may have certain foods to the human body. One day we read that fat beer, following the 2nd day to see a new study that shows that it’s actually beneficial because combat cancer and prevents gout. Usually these conclusions are drawn after some observational studies that isolate cause and effect ie, without considering any other factor that may influence the outcome. Observational studies can not be used to draw conclusions about “the safety or effectiveness” of a factor, but only to formulate some hypotheses that would be through scientific experiments prove or disprove.

So it came to prove following a test attended by more than 2,500 men who shave daily that have much lower chances to suffer from a heart attack. This information was then taken up by the media and distributed a real fact, although this observation has not been proven by any scientific experiment. For this type of study is used and industry marketing that promotes a variety of products whose benefits have never been demonstrated. It goji or acai fruit is if they are lauded as miracle foods with hundreds of qualities to increase libido and to weakening effortlessly. In the US and the UK there are several lawsuits filed importriva companies that have made such statements scientifically unproven.

Therefore you must have a dose of skepticism when you read articles that declare unequivocally that particular product is good or not for health. Whatever’s publication, it is very likely that the author has not verified the information and public source material just to fulfill the daily norm.

Spirulina and its effects on health

Spirulina3Spirulina is a blue-green Alagi freshwater, long used in herbal medicine, which is more easily digested by the human body than other aquatic plants. Spirulina is said to be one of the oldest forms of life on earth, and that helped create the atmosphere by releasing oxygen. With over 70% of its weight protein substances only it was used successfully to combat malnutrition. In 1974 Congress in Rome, it was designated as “the ideal food for mankind.” However, most people do not consume enough high Cantiere so her protein intake in the diet to be a major general.

Like structure, unicellular alga Spirulina is actually a maximum 1 mm long. With this photosynthesis captures solar energy and produce vitaminte, proteins, minerals and fatty acids, all of which can be assimilated by the human body. The name “spirulina” actually belongs biological genus that contains several different species of algae, but only two of them are consumed by humans: Arthrospira platensis and Arthrospira maximum. They can grow in lakes and then recolatate to be placed in dietary supplements and herbal treatments along with a number of other herbs that it can enhance the curative effect.

In addition to the protein spirulina contains beta carotene, chlorophyll, GLA, vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B9, C, D, A and E), minerals (potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, selenium, zinc ). It is perfect for strengthening the immune system and diseases related to it and to increase the body’s overall energy levels. It is also used to improve digestion and skin and hair maintenance. It is recommended to supplement the diet especially for vegetarians who lack protein foods, but any person regardless of eating habits can take full advantage of its more than beneficial effects.

Prior to integrate spiruluina daily diet we need to ensure it was increased organically. There spirulina shows the possibility that some sources have mercury contaminants, pollutants or radiation diverse. Can be found in health stores or online powdered form (in bottles) in the form of pills or other herbal mixes. Along with other foods such as cranberries, goji berries, maca and cacao is considered a true “super food”.

How it can help Coenzyme Q10

coenzima-q10-300x182Q10 Coenzymes are a vital part of the human body because thanks to them we can turn food into energy. It is thought to play an important role in the aging process (it can slow or accelerate) and are used in treating chronic diseases and conditions. CoQ10 is produced naturally by the body when we eat foods like red meat (especially offal), fish and nuts, but with age our ability to produce coenzyme diminishes. After its discovery in 1957, has been shown to play an important role in transferring energy within the cell mitochondria, where it helps form ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Basically, CoQ10 helps cells burn oxygen, thus yielding energy needed to sustain life. Being naturally synthesized in the body can not be classified as a vitamin although it is very similar effect and composition.Coenzyme_Q10

If q10 conenzima daily intake of vegetarians is low (most of Q10 in the diet is in meat), so it is advisable regular intake of supplements to complement this deficiency coming from lack of meat consumption. Another group of people who may be affected by a lack of coenzyme Q10 are drugs patients take to control blood cholesterol levels. Most of these drugs block the enzyme responsible for cholesterol production in the liver, but also blocks the production and Q10. And in this case we recommend daily supplements to ensure a normal level of coenzyme in the body (about 500 mg). However, if an excessive supplements may develop signs and chronic fatigue, restlessness and insomnia.

Because the role of antioxidant, coenzyme Q10 helps slow the aging process by increasing the capacity of cells to multiply. Crestearea levels of this coenzyme in the body can cause a faster metabolism, which may result in weight loss (for some this is an advantage, but not for everyone) but currently, medical studies conducted so far are not very conclusive this regard.

The highest concentration found coenzyme Q10 can be in the heart muscle due to which many medical studies have linked this enzyme with the heart and heart disease. Significant improvements were observed when given Q10 patients who suffered a heart attack. In general, it is thought to help prevent dental diseases and disorders, cardiovascular, those related to the immune system and diabetes. It also helps increase energy levels especially after strenuous exercise, is recommended for athletes.

The truth about goji berries

Virtually unknown until a few years ago in Romania, goji berries have become overnight star healthy eating. However, few are those who really know what exactly are Goji Berries and how it helps us to have a healthier body. A similar case, but on a larger scale, was the fruit acai who were promoted to the brim especially on the Internet, they appear in the composition of many supplements at least dubious but were bought anyone who wanted to lose weight without efforting.GojiBerries-USDACertifiedOrganic400

Goji berries are endemic in Europe and Asia but most of the trade coming from China. They are produced by a species of shrubs in the family Solanaceae (including inter alia tomatoes and eggplants). The fruits themselves are deep red and even have a small size (1-2 cm long) are filled with seeds inside. He carefully picked when ripe, then dried in the sun or using processes and ultimately packaged and sent for marketing.

Goji fruit industry in Asia often use insecticides and pesticides, especially in less regulated areas of China and Tibet. So chances to find goji berries truly eco stores in Romania are relatively low, but not impossible. Their beneficial properties are recognized since ancient times in China, which are used in a wide range of dishes from soups, juices, syrups and jams. Often they are boiled and drunk as a tea. In England, for example, goji berries are known by the name “Duke of Agryll Tea” who has imported for the first time in the kingdom in 1730.

In between numerous antioxidants Goji fruit composition, 11 minerals, 18 amino acids, 6 essential vitamins and many other nutrients. However until now there has been no study science demonstrating unequivocally the benefits of this small fruit. In general marketing campaigns behind promoting these fruits include in their posts many still unproven assertions. There are even some processes in Europe and the US Open importriva of companies that have proven false use of user information in their campaigns for this fruit.

However consumption of Goji fruit is definitely beneficial, but we are not miracle served on various media. You can consume with confidence that it attaches oranges or lemons imported. You must keep in mind the fact that only certain fruit consumption of wonders, he and Goji, will not lead to healthy living that dream. Without a balanced diet and overall healthy without regular exercise will not achieve long-term optimal health.

Offer Goji fruit is not too wide in Romania there are few suppliers nationwide. Usually found in supermarkets or Plafar, but the price is pretty steep. You can still save money if you order online from specialty stores. Cost per 100g is best if larger bags, so it would be a bad idea to take a larger amount with a friend to save money.