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5 models nail diva in you

Nails is an essential aspect in any woman’s look, one of the factors that can finish his or ruin even the most perfect outfit. Thus some nails with a lightning model can save your match tonight and in counter, looking unkempt manicure can get you into obscurity even if you are dressed in wedding dress. Therefore we have chosen five nail designs for different situations, on which you can do at home alone.diva-nail-art

1. Modelul “Rervese French”

This is a nail elegnat model that lends itself more to outputs held from: a restaurant, a prom, a wedding etc. It is relatively simple to achieve as involves only two colors and nail polish: black and white (for the classic look). First apply the basis then apply the color to be used for the crescent at the bottom of the nail (white in this case). After drying, the ajutoru of stickers you use and the classic French model, apply the 2nd color in the top of the nail. After finish everything with a layer of clearcoat.

2. Modelul de revista

An extremely simple model developed that provides a grunge look. It begins by applying a base over which applies gray. After drying nail inserted in alcohol and then apply a sheet of paper over the top of it … are you a few seconds. After completed transfer ink is applied nail lacquer for protection.

3. Modelul zebra

The nail-looking zebra gives a sensual and exciting look. To achieve this first model based varnish is applied after drying apply culoearea white. Over this continues then with black zebra stripes will look. To be sure you’re on track, it would be bad to have in front of a picture of a zebra to follow the pattern exactly. At final follow transparent protective lacquer layer.

4. Modelul capsuna

Only good worn with casual attire during the first warm days of the year. For this model is delicious manicure procedeasa as “reverse french” above no longer have red instead of black and white instead of green. And crescent-shaped edge will be staggered to give the effect of strawberry. Finally applies tiny green over the red line to this whole so summery manicure. Do not forget then to Lake protector.

5. Modelul cu buline

I end with the 5 series nail with a look wiser: nails spotted. The method of achieving this new model is very simple and quick needing only two contrasting colors and a lake. First apply the base and after drying lake one of two colors. Finally, with the tip of a pen or something similar applies sequenced using other color dots of nail polish. Finally, apply a generous coat of protective varnish.

7 gift ideas for March 8

tulips-300x146Spring on our doorstep and with it the series of celebrations dedicated to women. Merchants beat the offers that are more or less colored “and ad hoc fairs come your way at every turn. Variations are numerous and hard choice! If you’ve already given your favorite perfume, much desired book or bracelet that do not let her sleep, it’s time to move on to the next level and to appeal to creativity.Easter-Gift-Ideas-Collection-2015

Here are some ideas for gifts for March 8 that surely will not soon forget:

1. Invite her out

I do not think we’re in trouble with this tip. You know her best and know what kind of event they pleased, and the offer is generous. Theater, concerts, cinema … is your choice:

This is what gives Capital:

– “Cherche la femme” … a show of pantomime and dance, light and dark, harsh reality and dream sweet. Speaking of illusions, insights and pain, “Cherchez la femme!” Talks about love, the miracle of the universe. (Bucharest, Saturday, March 8, 2014 19:00 Theatre Company “DP mats” str. Lipscani. 53.)

– Concert Luna Amara factory (Bucharest. Saturday, March 8, 2014 9:00 p.m. Str. June 11 Nr. 50)

– Concert collectively Republic (Bucharest. Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 21:00)

2. Throw it on the plane … but not before you are sure the parachute paraşută.Salturile “leisure” with instructor are being linked to it in tandem. They can be made with or without shooting, photo, so prices ranging between 150 and 250 euros. The height from which the salt is 3000-4000 meters. That means almost one minute of freefall speed of 180 kmh.
skydiving March 8
Where do such Jumping

2. Romanian Air Club

Brothers 3.TNT

4. Skydive Transilvania


3. Take it cannoned

Maybe not even around the world, but it will certainly be an unforgettable experience. It is true the price is pretty steep (for 2 people + driver: 400 euro (200 euro / person) but worth the trip banii.idei gifts

Details of the flight:
– Times are given for take-off at sunrise and sunset
– Duration: about an hour; (can be made over a period of more than 2 hours)
– Flights are performed in zone Clinceni, Mihăileşti Gorneni or other areas if possible
– After landing is a “baptismal”: a glass of champagne and certificates to those who flew for the first time with hot air balloon

For a balloon voyage visit: or

4. Blind întuneric- Supper Restaurant

In Bucharest, str. Traian’ll find Blind Restaurant. You must make your reservation necessarily because this place can only eat at certain times: 18 or 21, and the menu command is given in advance. Although you will not find sophisticated cuisine or to put your problems in identifying the ingredients necessarily experience worth trying even for the sake of the game, but also for the amusement of trying to catch the fork or spoon which does not see the plate. More than an “adventure” culinary dine in the dark will require senses to the fullest.

5. City break

Surprise her with a romantic weekend in the city of items. During this time the travel agencies are competing offers. (,,

6. Developing A Personal

Give him the opportunity to discover the artist in her. Those from Calea Victoriei come with the perfect gift, a subscription to one of their workshops, and the palette is vast. Anthropology and Folklore, Fine Arts, Architecture and Art History, Astronomy, and the theater, history of costume and fashion, interior design and Fotofrafie are just some of the courses offered by the foundation.

7. A subscription to Capoeira

Gift 8 martiePrin the harmonious and creative techniques of martial arts with elements of dance, capoeira put in a continuous motion and fluid throughout the body, resulting in direct a healthy body, strong and stylish, plus capacity for coordination, control and balance .

Capoeira means first movement and grace, the pleasure of a game based on communication and anticipation and can be practiced by anyone, at any age.

Where can you practice CapoeiraŞ

Alemar Group Capoeira – Bucharest

Capoeira Brasil Romania- Iasi

Vadiação group Capoeira – Cluj-Napoca

And for traditionalists incurable already know, one swallow does not make a summer, but a bunch, YES!

Tell me what clothes club have to tell you who you are

In any young wardrobe today (and especially girls) clothes club occupies an important segment. That’s because out in the club, or ‘clubareala’ What is it called in the slang language, pick up a few challenges those keen nightly entertainment.clothes club

First is social pressure that has been apparent since the club’s door, because “to give good” must integrate with the rest of the crowd. That means you can not do so on the scene night, tam-nesam but you must arrange to get ferchezuiesti and do your personal avatar which attract more eyes … that eventually that ‘ the main purpose of the game, right?

For those who work out in the club’s sporadnica problem clothes club it is not very acute, as can repeat outfits without anyone realizing, even close friends. But for people who would comply, and even for those coming out almost weekly, the club is important wardrobe dilemma: how do you do that every time out to look good without wearing the same outfit again. The solution is seemingly simple: “you buy very many clothes club and you’re out, d’uh!” Exactly parents would say those millionaires who think that money is just some plastic sheets which however never exhausts hard you try to get rid of them.

But what happens if you do not have an unlimited budget and should be think 2 times before hitting 2-300 lei on a shirt? Not much you can dress entirely from large firs (Gucci, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, etc.) and you have to look for alternatives. One is not to scour the malls looking for chilipiluri but to move your search on the Net, where countless websites selling clothes online at half their price shelf, because these virtual stores are exempt from a lot The major expenses: rent, sellers, local mafia protection fees etc. So afford to offer the same products for smaller amounts of money.

Another solution would be targeting budget stores like Mini Prix that offers cheap clothes from last season and not sold in other countries richest in the rest of Europe. For this you have to step a little on pride and go out clubbing the next time you have a little stained conscience. But worth it! So you can take more mojito sites, one just one night.

But you can go even lower than this: you wake up one morning weekend at 6-7 and no one to see you, you go in Europe, or if you stay in the province, the local bazaar. There imitations find any prices dozen brand. A few hundred denarii you can take a trailer clothes club to keep you a full season. Their problem is that there is little quality. You have to take the risk that it might disintegrate after the first wash, or worse … on the dance floor. And then the whole charade will end in a shameful way for you, but no matter, because tomorrow is a new day club!