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Looking for job? 5 tips you should keep in mind during crisis

If an employer once during our parents, anyone have chances to retire from the company that today has greatly increased dynamic employees. It is estimated that at present, an employee will change work up to 15 times DURING entire career. This number tends to increase in times of crisis when, due to econimic factors, many companies are forced to give up some staff to minimize costs.
In those periods with an unemployment rate higher than usual competition on vacancies increase significantly and traditional ways (free ads, fairs job boards, agencies work placement, etc.) to find a job become ineffective . Therefore, to increase your chances of employment you have to apply some strategies used more than the rest of those who seek employment.

1. If you’re a virtual CV websites job, make sure it is completed at a percentage as high (100% if possible). Professional uploading some pictures (not so great for those of last year) and avoid going into details generalist. Be as specific as possible about yourself (personal and professional experience), but without write stories. I guarantee that no employer wants to read a resume of 3-4 pages in which to find that know “Word, Excel, Corel, surfing ‘and hobbies of” plibarile, music and reading. ”
2. Create an online presence. Today you can be found online means you are a person who keeps up with technology, so not insignificant. Moreover, one personal brand online, no matter how small could serve as an unconventional CV. With 1o dollars a year, you buy a .com domain with your name, that you install a WordPress blog and you have a website in 10 minutes. Or if you want a free solution … do yourself a LinkedIn page well set. You do not need anything more.
3. Search for business events in your city. If you live in any big city definitely somewhat happens dachia an event every week. The majority of their free entry, and coffee breaks or at the end, participants are networking. This is the perfect chance to get into direct contact with people from companies that you would recommend for a job available in their department. To find all business events website seeks local chamber of commerce, local newspapers buy (especially if they have business section), looking profile sites (generally local business portals).
4. How would the Americans say: think outside the box. If you know a company that you think fit you perfectly and you are sure you can bring added value, then you have to apply some guerrilla techniques. It’s clear that if you send your resume to any job willing, it will be deposited on a pile of other resumes, with a minimal chance to be noticed. Therefore you must Sochi. For example, if you apply to a company that produces coffee, send it in a container of coffee produced by that … certainly not be overlooked. But make sure though that you give a person with power of influence, not a secretary or another.
5. Call him yourself. Yes! Instead of waiting for a certain company to list a job that you were right, you’d better contact. When you contact them ask to talk to someone from human resources. Tell them that your skills and what you can do for them. Offer to take an exam to work for a trial period (no more than 1 week) or to provide a sample (if the job allows). If you are saying that there is nothing available, ask if in the near future may appear an opportunity. If a job will be available, certainly you will be contacted, because companies believe that proactive people are always trying to find solutions without being pushed from behind.