Songs for Children. Will aimintiti of childhood songs?

Childhood is eternal summer and winters tale kingdom, tastes and smells of orange strawberry.

Grandmother sitting on the porch in the shade of the walnut tree, make-n lap belt, you run the sun, fall, get up and think that one day you could touch the horizon. Childhood means floral dress, stained, that’s right, the fruit stolen by neighbors, playing hopscotch with all the children of the streets, warmth, laughter crystalline joy and song.childrens-songs

Who does not remember Veronica with her magical scrip that promises endless trips, the Arabella or Maria Mirabela?

“Maria Mirabela two lilies eyed stories / Sub sky as umbrella with friends / It’s good to live” sounds like childhood to me.cantece-pentru-copii

What song turns you into a time machine?

  1. Maria Mirabela – Mihai Constantinescu
  2. Dacă vesel se trăieşte
  3. O lume minunata – Mihai Constantinescu
  4. Veronica – Cântecul zănei
  5. Veronica – Vine Primavara
  6. Găinuşa moţată
  7. În pădurea cu alune
  8. Oac oac diri diri dam
  9. Un elefant se legana
  10. Şade raţa pe butoi
  11. Alunelu hai la joc
  12. Un motan cat un pisoi

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