The truth about goji berries

Virtually unknown until a few years ago in Romania, goji berries have become overnight star healthy eating. However, few are those who really know what exactly are Goji Berries and how it helps us to have a healthier body. A similar case, but on a larger scale, was the fruit acai who were promoted to the brim especially on the Internet, they appear in the composition of many supplements at least dubious but were bought anyone who wanted to lose weight without efforting.GojiBerries-USDACertifiedOrganic400

Goji berries are endemic in Europe and Asia but most of the trade coming from China. They are produced by a species of shrubs in the family Solanaceae (including inter alia tomatoes and eggplants). The fruits themselves are deep red and even have a small size (1-2 cm long) are filled with seeds inside. He carefully picked when ripe, then dried in the sun or using processes and ultimately packaged and sent for marketing.

Goji fruit industry in Asia often use insecticides and pesticides, especially in less regulated areas of China and Tibet. So chances to find goji berries truly eco stores in Romania are relatively low, but not impossible. Their beneficial properties are recognized since ancient times in China, which are used in a wide range of dishes from soups, juices, syrups and jams. Often they are boiled and drunk as a tea. In England, for example, goji berries are known by the name “Duke of Agryll Tea” who has imported for the first time in the kingdom in 1730.

In between numerous antioxidants Goji fruit composition, 11 minerals, 18 amino acids, 6 essential vitamins and many other nutrients. However until now there has been no study science demonstrating unequivocally the benefits of this small fruit. In general marketing campaigns behind promoting these fruits include in their posts many still unproven assertions. There are even some processes in Europe and the US Open importriva of companies that have proven false use of user information in their campaigns for this fruit.

However consumption of Goji fruit is definitely beneficial, but we are not miracle served on various media. You can consume with confidence that it attaches oranges or lemons imported. You must keep in mind the fact that only certain fruit consumption of wonders, he and Goji, will not lead to healthy living that dream. Without a balanced diet and overall healthy without regular exercise will not achieve long-term optimal health.

Offer Goji fruit is not too wide in Romania there are few suppliers nationwide. Usually found in supermarkets or Plafar, but the price is pretty steep. You can still save money if you order online from specialty stores. Cost per 100g is best if larger bags, so it would be a bad idea to take a larger amount with a friend to save money.

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