Monthly Archives: October 2016

New Career in Esports Industry

I want to find a new career, because I am not really happy with the industry I am working in, and I do not like my particular job very much either. It was not so bad at first, but after being here for 5 years, it has really worn on me, and it is to the point where I just want to do something completely different. I want to learn about careers in Esports, because that is something that I would really enjoy, and it is also something that I think I would be quite good at as well.

I have always enjoyed esports, ever since they first started to exist. I find that I probably spend at least two or three hours a day watching streams of esports on the Internet. My wife is not very happy with the fact that I spend so much time watching esports and I think it actually annoys her quite a bit that I do this. Continue reading

Electrician for Hire in NJ

I would like to convert my garage into an extra room in the house, but in order to do that, I am going to have to have electricity hooked up, and that is a problem. Well, it is a bit of a problem, at least in that I don’t know how to do it on my own. So I need to hire someone for the job and I am looking into electrician in NJ who are available for hire. I want to find someone that will do a good job and make sure everything meets the local building codes for wiring, but also someone who won’t charge me too much for the job.

Of course, I do not really know much about the costs for this type of work, so it might be hard for me to avoid paying too much. In theory though, I will try to avoid spending too much, but it waits to be seen as to whether that will actualy work out. I am pretty excited about turning the garage into an extra room in the house, because it is going to give my family a lot of extra room that we desperately need. Beyond that, it will also fulfill the purpose of giving my son his own room, and I know that he isn’t thrilled about having the garage as his room. But he will enjoy having his own room either way.

Besides, he doesn’t know how it is going to look once it is done. We are going to put power into it, carpet, and paint the walls. Plus we are going to do other things to make it more liveable, and to look more like the rest of the house. My only hope is that it won’t cost too much for all of this work.