Monthly Archives: June 2016

Accessing a Hotmail Account Without a Password

Sometimes I have a bad habit of forgetting important things. I couldn’t remember my Hotmail Outlook login password last week and it was aggravating me. I needed to log in to read an important email, and my mind was drawing a blank as to what the password could be. After several attempts at guessing the password, I gave up and went to the section for forgotten passwords. There were a few security questions for me to answer in order to reset my password. I made these questions up when I first created the account, but it had been so long since I had seen them that I couldn’t remember the answers.

I made the questions difficult on purpose so no one besides me would be able to guess the answers to them. In hindsight, that probably wasn’t the best idea, because I couldn’t guess the answers either. I gave up on the security questions and went to the help section to find an alternative way in. From there, I was able to get into a live chat with someone who works for the mail service. I told them that I couldn’t get into my account and that I couldn’t remember the security question answers.

I thought I would have been out of luck, but the helper told me that I could enter my account another way. When I first created the account, it asked for my cell phone number as an extra verification method in case I forgot my password. The helper asked me to confirm my phone number and then sent a code to my phone via text message. I entered the code on the website and I was able to log into my account and change my password. The important email was waiting for me to read in the inbox.