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Luxury Apartments for Rent in Denver That Let You Have a Dog

I remember renting my first apartment. It was a dump. I could barely afford it on my meager income just out of college. I needed a place to stay, and rented the first thing I could find that was within walking distance of my job. I did not even have a car, and I had a bicycle that was old and falling apart. Fast forward a few years and now I am married, we have a cool Jack Russell Terrier that has way too much energy and we found apartments for rent in Denver that were right up our alley.

Times have changed for my income. I stuck with my company through some tough times they were having and got rewarded with a much higher position when the stock to a positive turn. Some of the things that caused our value to increase to our investors were completely from some ideas I presented to the board. Now I own a tiny piece of the company. My wife and I could afford a much nicer place, and we wanted to stick with an apartment rather than putting money down on a house. We spend a lot of hours working. Continue reading