Monthly Archives: December 2015

Late Season Wind Storm Topples a Maple Right into Our Garage

The late fall and the early winter were unseasonably warm. The first day of winter was in the 50s when it should have probably been in the 30s. The warm air kept getting warmer and that brought in a storm when the cold front moved in. The muddy ground and the wind caused a huge maple tree in our front yard to topple over. It smashed the roof and one wall of the garage. It splintered that roof and knocked down those bricks like they were toy blocks. I called a tree service in Queens NY to come out and clean up the tree before we could have the garage fixed.

I was not expecting it to get so windy so late in the season. Usually some wind whips through with some snow, but this was more like spring weather. Continue reading

Search Engine Optimization is a Necessary Strategy

Affordable SEO is completely possible for even the smallest, most independent of businesses. Success online can be attributed to reaching a greater body of users through search engine results. The core of SEO lies in optimizing a keyword portfolio; strings of keywords contextualized to a specific focus. The quickest way to achieve results would be to create a body of written content with embedded hyperlinks that direct a user to a website. Those keywords that make up the hyperlink help define the context of the string of words that a user might have in mind. It’s best to keep in mind that users often simply look up two words or frame their search in the form of a question.

There is a great deal of competition in this market. Continue reading