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5 models nail diva in you

Nails is an essential aspect in any woman’s look, one of the factors that can finish his or ruin even the most perfect outfit. Thus some nails with a lightning model can save your match tonight and in counter, looking unkempt manicure can get you into obscurity even if you are dressed in wedding dress. Therefore we have chosen five nail designs for different situations, on which you can do at home alone.diva-nail-art

1. Modelul “Rervese French”

This is a nail elegnat model that lends itself more to outputs held from: a restaurant, a prom, a wedding etc. It is relatively simple to achieve as involves only two colors and nail polish: black and white (for the classic look). First apply the basis then apply the color to be used for the crescent at the bottom of the nail (white in this case). After drying, the ajutoru of stickers you use and the classic French model, apply the 2nd color in the top of the nail. After finish everything with a layer of clearcoat.

2. Modelul de revista

An extremely simple model developed that provides a grunge look. It begins by applying a base over which applies gray. After drying nail inserted in alcohol and then apply a sheet of paper over the top of it … are you a few seconds. After completed transfer ink is applied nail lacquer for protection.

3. Modelul zebra

The nail-looking zebra gives a sensual and exciting look. To achieve this first model based varnish is applied after drying apply culoearea white. Over this continues then with black zebra stripes will look. To be sure you’re on track, it would be bad to have in front of a picture of a zebra to follow the pattern exactly. At final follow transparent protective lacquer layer.

4. Modelul capsuna

Only good worn with casual attire during the first warm days of the year. For this model is delicious manicure procedeasa as “reverse french” above no longer have red instead of black and white instead of green. And crescent-shaped edge will be staggered to give the effect of strawberry. Finally applies tiny green over the red line to this whole so summery manicure. Do not forget then to Lake protector.

5. Modelul cu buline

I end with the 5 series nail with a look wiser: nails spotted. The method of achieving this new model is very simple and quick needing only two contrasting colors and a lake. First apply the base and after drying lake one of two colors. Finally, with the tip of a pen or something similar applies sequenced using other color dots of nail polish. Finally, apply a generous coat of protective varnish.