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Top 5 programs as pictures

Anyone who uses a computer regularly somewhat momendat was a need to change at least one picture. The problem that arises in this case is that there are a variety of image editing software, depending on users’ needs and budget. That’s why I made this list of the most folsitoare programs covering a wide range of needs.programs

5. Paint – Yes, Paint. It comes with every computer that has Windows installed and provides a basic functionality, but which is only suitable for small touches such as crop, modifies size, adding text etc. It is very intuitive so you do not need to watch the whole tutorial to use it since the first. About 80% of regular users’ needs can be covered by Paint.

4. Pick Pic – A free software that’s kind of variant of Paint’s evolution that has more features: screenshots exceeding Screen Fit, virtual on-screen ruler, color picker etc. In Paint, for example, if you want to add some text over an image, it can not be moved or changed after press the Enter key, but completely overlaps the image. To make the changes you need to “undo” it and start over. Pick Pic allows you to edit text added to an image at any time, until its salvation.

3. Sumo Paint – It can do almost everything Pic Pick but has some extra features such as some special brushes, fractal generator, generate symmetrical shapes, possibility to modify the image perspective, 3D effects etc. However the feature does not have to do print screen sites coming out of the screen and can make framing Pick Pic. Sumo Paint is a free version and two versions Pro, but which have reasonable costs 9 or $ 19 for life.

2. Gimp – It’s one of the most complex programs as pictures, with about the same features as Photoshop. The scanner great advantage over ante-called Gimp is that it costs money. In fact, it was created to serve as an alternative to free and open source professional editing programs, which are usually exorbitant.

1. Photoshop – By far the most common image-editing program, especially due to the many features incorporated in it. It is used mainly by professionals. However anyone can learn to use it if you follow some Photoshop tutorials then putting them into practice (relatively steep learning curve). But the high price ($ 600) prompted many users to choose detrimetul Gimp in Photoshop, or to download a pirated copy from the Internet.