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Looking for job? 5 tips you should keep in mind during crisis

If an employer once during our parents, anyone have chances to retire from the company that today has greatly increased dynamic employees. It is estimated that at present, an employee will change work up to 15 times DURING entire career. This number tends to increase in times of crisis when, due to econimic factors, many companies are forced to give up some staff to minimize costs.
In those periods with an unemployment rate higher than usual competition on vacancies increase significantly and traditional ways (free ads, fairs job boards, agencies work placement, etc.) to find a job become ineffective . Therefore, to increase your chances of employment you have to apply some strategies used more than the rest of those who seek employment.

1. If you’re a virtual CV websites job, make sure it is completed at a percentage as high (100% if possible). Professional uploading some pictures (not so great for those of last year) and avoid going into details generalist. Be as specific as possible about yourself (personal and professional experience), but without write stories. I guarantee that no employer wants to read a resume of 3-4 pages in which to find that know “Word, Excel, Corel, surfing ‘and hobbies of” plibarile, music and reading. ”
2. Create an online presence. Today you can be found online means you are a person who keeps up with technology, so not insignificant. Moreover, one personal brand online, no matter how small could serve as an unconventional CV. With 1o dollars a year, you buy a .com domain with your name, that you install a WordPress blog and you have a website in 10 minutes. Or if you want a free solution … do yourself a LinkedIn page well set. You do not need anything more.
3. Search for business events in your city. If you live in any big city definitely somewhat happens dachia an event every week. The majority of their free entry, and coffee breaks or at the end, participants are networking. This is the perfect chance to get into direct contact with people from companies that you would recommend for a job available in their department. To find all business events website seeks local chamber of commerce, local newspapers buy (especially if they have business section), looking profile sites (generally local business portals).
4. How would the Americans say: think outside the box. If you know a company that you think fit you perfectly and you are sure you can bring added value, then you have to apply some guerrilla techniques. It’s clear that if you send your resume to any job willing, it will be deposited on a pile of other resumes, with a minimal chance to be noticed. Therefore you must Sochi. For example, if you apply to a company that produces coffee, send it in a container of coffee produced by that … certainly not be overlooked. But make sure though that you give a person with power of influence, not a secretary or another.
5. Call him yourself. Yes! Instead of waiting for a certain company to list a job that you were right, you’d better contact. When you contact them ask to talk to someone from human resources. Tell them that your skills and what you can do for them. Offer to take an exam to work for a trial period (no more than 1 week) or to provide a sample (if the job allows). If you are saying that there is nothing available, ask if in the near future may appear an opportunity. If a job will be available, certainly you will be contacted, because companies believe that proactive people are always trying to find solutions without being pushed from behind.

Field Prince Charles in Transylvania


So Prince Charles bought the show in the heart of Transylvania and works as a boarding house in his absence.


Vodka is healthy

penne-alla-vodka-close-upOnline newspapers and thought (not worth the link) publishes almost daily kinds of studies that demonstrate the benefits or negative effects that they may have certain foods to the human body. One day we read that fat beer, following the 2nd day to see a new study that shows that it’s actually beneficial because combat cancer and prevents gout. Usually these conclusions are drawn after some observational studies that isolate cause and effect ie, without considering any other factor that may influence the outcome. Observational studies can not be used to draw conclusions about “the safety or effectiveness” of a factor, but only to formulate some hypotheses that would be through scientific experiments prove or disprove.

So it came to prove following a test attended by more than 2,500 men who shave daily that have much lower chances to suffer from a heart attack. This information was then taken up by the media and distributed a real fact, although this observation has not been proven by any scientific experiment. For this type of study is used and industry marketing that promotes a variety of products whose benefits have never been demonstrated. It goji or acai fruit is if they are lauded as miracle foods with hundreds of qualities to increase libido and to weakening effortlessly. In the US and the UK there are several lawsuits filed importriva companies that have made such statements scientifically unproven.

Therefore you must have a dose of skepticism when you read articles that declare unequivocally that particular product is good or not for health. Whatever’s publication, it is very likely that the author has not verified the information and public source material just to fulfill the daily norm.

How to make your first website

If you are here it means that you have decided it’s time to make your first website and you are starting out. Although you may currently seem a rather complicated process, not so … proof are millions of websites that appear daily on the Internet. Whatever the theme of your site that you want to create it, you have several options available depending on the time, knowledge and budget that you have for this project.make your first website

The simplest way is to create a site on an existing platform such as blogging (, etc.) or the web 2.0 (,,, etc. ). In most cases, these platforms make available intuitive tools that help you do your first site in minutes. The disadvantage is that the website (address, URL) belongs and have no right over him. If these platforms are closing or find something wrong with what you’ve published it, then your site might be deleted forever.

The recommended way is to buy your own domain name. From experience, are the best (in terms of cost, usability, safety, etc.) for international domains. But if you like a .com domain when would be the most viable option. After purchasing the domain, the next step is choosing a hosting company to host your files to your site on their servers. At first you’d better get your hosting a minimum package that you realize what it zoom in on your site develops. One of the most popular hosting companies in the world is They are recognized for the quality services and affordable prices that we practice.

After you set up the domain and hosting it’s time to get your site effectively. If you have a certain budget, then you could call directly to a specialized company that makes quality web development in a constantly. In this case you’ll have everything ready-made, time and effort without deposit. However, unless you have money to invest in web design and want to make the site with your hand when you have a few choices:

1. writes in HTML editor like Dreamweaver using. In this case you have to learn to handle in HTML and CSS, but also familiarize yourself with the publisher. If you have never programmed before, then learning effort can be quite large. But this is very much each person.

2. Find a free HTML template or money you modify it as you wish. In this case you need knowledge of HTML and CSS but not as deep as the version above. It’s much easier to make a few changes (title, image, color) than build a site from scratch.

3. WrodPress install your platform ( which then put any topic you want and modify it as you wish. This option is one of the most popular and easiest ways to create websites, especially by people who do not have advanced knowledge of programming. On the internet you can find hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes that can give your website almost any look. One of the best sources of such issues is the site but a simple search on Google you can return a variety of other resources.

Although only mentioned three methods for creating your first site, it’s good to know that there are many more. These are just some of the easiest and popular. Several years ago, for example, it was fashionable websites made in Flash, because they could be highly dynamic and interactive. However, because search engines like Google not index gives content made in Flash, they perform very poorly in terms of SEO (search engine optimization) and are thus harder to find by potential users.

Racing games online

As in life, and on the Internet: not everything you find there is good for you and the things you need assistance to understand how it works. Nor everything is free on the internet is of good quality. In other words, or better said, referring to the variety of video games available on the Internet, we can see that there is an invasion of free games from the strategy to the racing cars. But not all are good quality. However, you need to identify the factors to interesting and fun car games free online?Racing games online

This article try to give you a little food for thought before you dive into the world of online racing games irresistible. There are several issues that would be good to keep in mind before you play, buy or recommend a game. Course preferences differ from person to person, but you recognize a quality game regardless of your personal preferences. Here are some tips to help you get to it:

1. Draw your first some standards. There has to be written. You only get to outline them in mind, clearly. These standards may relate to the graphics, the variety of options available or cars. Watch the game refer to your age category, otherwise there will most likely not to like. If you recommend a game for children, first you have to put the question of whether that game is suitable for them, from concept to design and simple controls.
Make a list of such preferences and this will help to eliminate the home games of cars that do not suit you. In addition some parameters then guide you will make your search easier and more organized. Including special effects can include buttons that control the game if you have strong preferences in this regard.

2. Ask your friends and family are their favorite websites gaming machines. You may not have the same tastes as them, but a good site offers a wide range of games. Some games can be downloaded to your computer and play them directly on other sites. Some older games machines have their own website where players community exchange views, make strategies and even compete together. A recommendation from someone who has already played the game never hurts.

3. Read articles, magazines, or even visit the nearby macazinele video game. In these locations you will surely find interesting and recommendations gaming sites worth visiting.

4. Get on various websites. Sometimes reading about a game is not enough. You have to see what his head. So best is to go to sites and try it out. Play with cars and their mechanics, and if you and the game will fit great! Have fun!

Search for racing games online depends very much on where and how long the dedicated search. If you plan in advance what the exact look, you will definitely find several options to satisfy you. If your goal is identify and play the hottest gaming machines on the internet, you will need to deposit a defort in their detection.

How to choose the best sport fishing reels and rods

Any amateur fisherman should know how to choose the most appropriate tools, especially given that there are a multidudine brands and similar products in each store fishing. Nothing is worse than to leave you one of the building blocks (rod, reel, wire) when you fish in hanging on a hook and fight with him to get him to shore. Instead stick with the fish, you get only with a story to tell friends who anyway did you believe how big the monster you drop. Therefore we offer a few tips for choosing the most important tools in your kit fishing: rod and reel.rods-reels

How to choose a longline

Rod is the first fishery to which any interested above should equip. The first choice to be made is related to the material it is made longline, the most recommended being fiberglass or graphite. Graphite rods are more rigid and more susceptible to movements of fish and the fiberglass are more flexible and can be bent for a long period of time without causing structural problems. Rods may be drinkable, in one or more separate segments or handlers. The single-segment is more durable and more resistant, but the segments are more practical because can be transported more easily. Rods come in several sizes depending on the fish that can be caught with them. The best advice is to start with a medium rod, which enables you to catch just about any fish species in the country (except high as carp and sleep).

How to choose a reel

If the first reel thing is to be careful aceastora size. Small reels will hold a smaller length of thread (do not forget to take into account its thickness) compared with older, so it should be chosen depending on the size of lakes where you fish. But as for the rod, a reel medium should cover 90% of fishing trips to Romania. Reel must also be matched with rods. A small reel with a thin wire rod goes high and thick that has a low sensitivity. Just vice versa. Thread reel should not contain knots fishery because of its length could create various problems such as tangles and eventually locking reel.

In terms of brands, both reels and rods for the most popular are Shimano, Okuma and Diamond. We hope that this brief introduction has been useful, even how to sketch an idea of ​​how it should look for optimal rod reel and recreational fishing without unforeseen problems.

Spirulina and its effects on health

Spirulina3Spirulina is a blue-green Alagi freshwater, long used in herbal medicine, which is more easily digested by the human body than other aquatic plants. Spirulina is said to be one of the oldest forms of life on earth, and that helped create the atmosphere by releasing oxygen. With over 70% of its weight protein substances only it was used successfully to combat malnutrition. In 1974 Congress in Rome, it was designated as “the ideal food for mankind.” However, most people do not consume enough high Cantiere so her protein intake in the diet to be a major general.

Like structure, unicellular alga Spirulina is actually a maximum 1 mm long. With this photosynthesis captures solar energy and produce vitaminte, proteins, minerals and fatty acids, all of which can be assimilated by the human body. The name “spirulina” actually belongs biological genus that contains several different species of algae, but only two of them are consumed by humans: Arthrospira platensis and Arthrospira maximum. They can grow in lakes and then recolatate to be placed in dietary supplements and herbal treatments along with a number of other herbs that it can enhance the curative effect.

In addition to the protein spirulina contains beta carotene, chlorophyll, GLA, vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B9, C, D, A and E), minerals (potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, selenium, zinc ). It is perfect for strengthening the immune system and diseases related to it and to increase the body’s overall energy levels. It is also used to improve digestion and skin and hair maintenance. It is recommended to supplement the diet especially for vegetarians who lack protein foods, but any person regardless of eating habits can take full advantage of its more than beneficial effects.

Prior to integrate spiruluina daily diet we need to ensure it was increased organically. There spirulina shows the possibility that some sources have mercury contaminants, pollutants or radiation diverse. Can be found in health stores or online powdered form (in bottles) in the form of pills or other herbal mixes. Along with other foods such as cranberries, goji berries, maca and cacao is considered a true “super food”.

How it can help Coenzyme Q10

coenzima-q10-300x182Q10 Coenzymes are a vital part of the human body because thanks to them we can turn food into energy. It is thought to play an important role in the aging process (it can slow or accelerate) and are used in treating chronic diseases and conditions. CoQ10 is produced naturally by the body when we eat foods like red meat (especially offal), fish and nuts, but with age our ability to produce coenzyme diminishes. After its discovery in 1957, has been shown to play an important role in transferring energy within the cell mitochondria, where it helps form ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Basically, CoQ10 helps cells burn oxygen, thus yielding energy needed to sustain life. Being naturally synthesized in the body can not be classified as a vitamin although it is very similar effect and composition.Coenzyme_Q10

If q10 conenzima daily intake of vegetarians is low (most of Q10 in the diet is in meat), so it is advisable regular intake of supplements to complement this deficiency coming from lack of meat consumption. Another group of people who may be affected by a lack of coenzyme Q10 are drugs patients take to control blood cholesterol levels. Most of these drugs block the enzyme responsible for cholesterol production in the liver, but also blocks the production and Q10. And in this case we recommend daily supplements to ensure a normal level of coenzyme in the body (about 500 mg). However, if an excessive supplements may develop signs and chronic fatigue, restlessness and insomnia.

Because the role of antioxidant, coenzyme Q10 helps slow the aging process by increasing the capacity of cells to multiply. Crestearea levels of this coenzyme in the body can cause a faster metabolism, which may result in weight loss (for some this is an advantage, but not for everyone) but currently, medical studies conducted so far are not very conclusive this regard.

The highest concentration found coenzyme Q10 can be in the heart muscle due to which many medical studies have linked this enzyme with the heart and heart disease. Significant improvements were observed when given Q10 patients who suffered a heart attack. In general, it is thought to help prevent dental diseases and disorders, cardiovascular, those related to the immune system and diabetes. It also helps increase energy levels especially after strenuous exercise, is recommended for athletes.

Online games cooking pizza, pancakes and cake

Online gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the Internet, is accessible to any age group, from children up to adults. Their most successful car games, strategy, shooters, RPG and simulation URLs. The category simulations, very popular games are different types of food: pizza, pancakes, cakes etc.Online games cooking pizza

Pizza games for example are divided into several cetegorii. The simplest are those which have a series of ingredients that we add liking the pizza, which you then in the oven. Although simple, these games do not present a challenge to the player. Thus, another series of games put you in the position of a cook in a pizzeria Italian, who regularly receives commands pizza. In this case you must follow exactly the list of ingredients but also their settlement order against time on the countertop … everything! These types of games are more challenging and require greater patience and dexterity to be played, so addressing age groups over 10 years.

Regarding cake games, most rely on choosing and combining it initiate a leaf with different flavors and finishing with chocolate or whipped cream. Also in this series are racing games and done according to a model cake. The player is shown a model of cake (2-3 layers, frosting, cream etc.) which must then be duplicated exactly. The game is exactly replicating the model initially cake. The difficulty is heightened at times of employment in a certain time. Another type of games the player cake is just a cake ready to decorate done. Decorating means either the location of various fruits or writing a dedication cream or chocolate.

As mentioned above, another popular type of online games are cooking pancakes. Unlike pizza or cake games, they rely less on technique / strategy and more on dexterity. Pancakes with a relatively simple composition, most games of this range is based on the player’s ability to succeed as many throws pancakes from the pan directly. Some games punteaza number of spins in the air pancakes, others throwing their aim at a bigger height. But whichever you play, one thing is certain: the fun is guaranteed!