An Old Piece of Cinematic History

I really hate it when media goes out of print. I’ve run across my fare share of books and music that goes out of print, but the biggest annoyance is movies going out of print. There is a really old movie that I wanted to see once, but I couldn’t find any copies of the movie on any online stores. I check at my local library to see if they had the movie, but they didn’t. Even the online movie database had no way I could get the movie. I could only find the movie on the Pirate Bay in digital form.

Not being able to find the movie in the database was the most surprising thing to me, because they usually have every movie, regardless of how old it is, or whether it has been out of print or not. I was starting to get suspicious that the movie that I found online wasn’t the actual movie, but simply a fake. I downloaded it and scanned it to make sure that there was nothing wrong with it. The file was fine, so I popped some popcorn and watched it. The movie was exactly what I was looking for at all of those places.

I made a backup copy of the movie onto a DVD for safe keeping. If something ever happens to the copy that is on my hard drive, I’ll always have the DVD copy to watch. If something happens to that, then I guess I’m just out of luck. I’ve written a letter to the director of the movie regarding the availability of his movie, but he hasn’t responded to me. He’s gone into seclusion for many years, and no one has really been able to find him. Maybe one day he’ll resurface and make the movie available to everyone again.

Switching from Written Records to Quicken 2016

Every year I say the same thing. I am going to stop writing down all of our checking information and other account details and just switch to an accounting software. My wife and I have our own business, but we just contract out a service from home. We do not have to keep track of inventory or anything. However, I still think that Quicken 2016 will make keeping track of who is paying us what a lot easier. Now at tax time I have to go through a ledger and tabulate every cash sale versus everything we get paid by check or electronically for. It is tedious to say the least.

I have been looking at Quicken 2016 to see how configurable that it is. I like how it integrates with their tax software too. Plus, most other tax software will let you import Quicken information if I am not mistaken. I am looking to see if it can access accounts live to get balance information. I imagine it would depend on the banks used. Another cool feature is the ability to run off checks by computer for payments. That would be more useful to businesses with a lot of vendors to pay. Continue reading

Late Season Wind Storm Topples a Maple Right into Our Garage

The late fall and the early winter were unseasonably warm. The first day of winter was in the 50s when it should have probably been in the 30s. The warm air kept getting warmer and that brought in a storm when the cold front moved in. The muddy ground and the wind caused a huge maple tree in our front yard to topple over. It smashed the roof and one wall of the garage. It splintered that roof and knocked down those bricks like they were toy blocks. I called a tree service in Queens NY to come out and clean up the tree before we could have the garage fixed.
Wind Storm
I was not expecting it to get so windy so late in the season. Usually some wind whips through with some snow, but this was more like spring weather. Continue reading

Search Engine Optimization is a Necessary Strategy

Affordable SEO is completely possible for even the smallest, most independent of businesses. Success online can be attributed to reaching a greater body of users through search engine results. The core of SEO lies in optimizing a keyword portfolio; strings of keywords contextualized to a specific focus. The quickest way to achieve results would be to create a body of written content with embedded hyperlinks that direct a user to a website. Those keywords that make up the hyperlink help define the context of the string of words that a user might have in mind. It’s best to keep in mind that users often simply look up two words or frame their search in the form of a question.
There is a great deal of competition in this market. Continue reading

Painting Makes Any Home Look Much Better

No matter how careful you are and how clean you keep your home, over time, the walls can begin to look dull. I have lived in two separate homes where this has happened. Sure, your home will probably look just fine after a couple of years, but 10 or 15 years after not making updates, you may easily see what I mean. This is exactly why I needed some painting help from a painter in Bergen County NJ recently. After not painting in my current home for about 18 years, I found my surroundings in my home to come to look very depressing and dirty.Examples-Of-Leaf-Painting

I originally painted the place I live in now when I first moved in 18 years ago. It looked fabulous and stayed that way for some time. Continue reading

5 models nail diva in you

Nails is an essential aspect in any woman’s look, one of the factors that can finish his or ruin even the most perfect outfit. Thus some nails with a lightning model can save your match tonight and in counter, looking unkempt manicure can get you into obscurity even if you are dressed in wedding dress. Therefore we have chosen five nail designs for different situations, on which you can do at home alone.diva-nail-art

1. Modelul “Rervese French”

This is a nail elegnat model that lends itself more to outputs held from: a restaurant, a prom, a wedding etc. It is relatively simple to achieve as involves only two colors and nail polish: black and white (for the classic look). First apply the basis then apply the color to be used for the crescent at the bottom of the nail (white in this case). After drying, the ajutoru of stickers you use and the classic French model, apply the 2nd color in the top of the nail. After finish everything with a layer of clearcoat.

2. Modelul de revista

An extremely simple model developed that provides a grunge look. It begins by applying a base over which applies gray. After drying nail inserted in alcohol and then apply a sheet of paper over the top of it … are you a few seconds. After completed transfer ink is applied nail lacquer for protection.

3. Modelul zebra

The nail-looking zebra gives a sensual and exciting look. To achieve this first model based varnish is applied after drying apply culoearea white. Over this continues then with black zebra stripes will look. To be sure you’re on track, it would be bad to have in front of a picture of a zebra to follow the pattern exactly. At final follow transparent protective lacquer layer.

4. Modelul capsuna

Only good worn with casual attire during the first warm days of the year. For this model is delicious manicure procedeasa as “reverse french” above no longer have red instead of black and white instead of green. And crescent-shaped edge will be staggered to give the effect of strawberry. Finally applies tiny green over the red line to this whole so summery manicure. Do not forget then to Lake protector.

5. Modelul cu buline

I end with the 5 series nail with a look wiser: nails spotted. The method of achieving this new model is very simple and quick needing only two contrasting colors and a lake. First apply the base and after drying lake one of two colors. Finally, with the tip of a pen or something similar applies sequenced using other color dots of nail polish. Finally, apply a generous coat of protective varnish.

Original Flowers Apartment

Original Flowers Apartment


Plant enthusiasts place great value on cacti. Cactus does not attract at first glance, it has deoarce needs time to reveal the true beauty. To flourish, which is very rare cactus needs plenty of light and little water.
Called the fountain desert cactus repereziontă one of the best examples of creatures adapt to adverse environmental conditions. It is specific to the deserts of Mexico and southern US Protected waxy coating provided thorny cactus in its cell stores large amounts of water, which, if required, can be used by those wandering through the desert.

Chinese rose (Hibiscus)

One of the most widespread shrubs apartment, Chinese rosewood needs warmth and light to bloom several times a year. The flowers grow sprouts on top and can be single or double, and the colors are varied. Sun-loving plant blooms profusely especially in spring and autumn.

African Violet

Saintpaulia African Violet or purple comes from the rainforests of Africa, has tiny flowers and colored in various shades (blue, purple, white, pink) arranged in one or more rows of petals. Although derived from a hot and humid environment, violet leaves should not be wet, so that watering is preferable to make the pot plate.


The ficus is a plant with shiny leaves and delicate, the elliptical, dark green with a yellowish tint sometimes. The plant thrives, but can grow quite large. The provenance tropical ficus plant is not demanding and adapts quite well to various environmental conditions. Summer is kept in a shady place, and winter does not need to withstand very high temperatures.


Originally from Central America (Mexico and Guatemala) Yucca is lover of light. Idolized by the Maya, who believed to have miraculous properties and uses as medicine and food for centuries, Yucca receives the “tree of life”. The plant has a woody stem, thick rough at the end which forms one or more rosettes of leaves. Maybe even reach 12 m high in the natural environment. It can withstand temperatures between 0 and apartment at 35 degrees, but watering the plant will be made depending on the light and the temperature at which it is exposed. This winter will water less than in summer.

Areca Palm

Originating in tropical Madagascar Areca palm exotic delights its appearance, tall and slender stems. Areca is a decorative plant with large leaves, slightly crepe, comb-shaped, green-living.

The funniest pictures of horses

No longer a novelty for anyone that cat has VIP status on Facebook, and easily reached Grivei an end. Competition is high. We thought not bore you with the above mentioned and give the horse a moment of glory. Below you not six, but seven beautiful horses:funniest pictures of horses

Colgate casting! Smile please!

After mineee before! It is an order

Who does not take him shovel ready


Instagram Now

Evening in the family …

A master had a horse and the horse had nothing against

Songs for Children. Will aimintiti of childhood songs?

Childhood is eternal summer and winters tale kingdom, tastes and smells of orange strawberry.

Grandmother sitting on the porch in the shade of the walnut tree, make-n lap belt, you run the sun, fall, get up and think that one day you could touch the horizon. Childhood means floral dress, stained, that’s right, the fruit stolen by neighbors, playing hopscotch with all the children of the streets, warmth, laughter crystalline joy and song.childrens-songs

Who does not remember Veronica with her magical scrip that promises endless trips, the Arabella or Maria Mirabela?

“Maria Mirabela two lilies eyed stories / Sub sky as umbrella with friends / It’s good to live” sounds like childhood to me.cantece-pentru-copii

What song turns you into a time machine?

  1. Maria Mirabela – Mihai Constantinescu
  2. Dacă vesel se trăieşte
  3. O lume minunata – Mihai Constantinescu
  4. Veronica – Cântecul zănei
  5. Veronica – Vine Primavara
  6. Găinuşa moţată
  7. În pădurea cu alune
  8. Oac oac diri diri dam
  9. Un elefant se legana
  10. Şade raţa pe butoi
  11. Alunelu hai la joc
  12. Un motan cat un pisoi

What gemstones suit you according to your sign

Some materials, such as natural or semi-precious stones crystals are endowed with the power to increase positive spiritual energy, which is why talismans are used to fabricate usually adjusted in funţtie zodiacs.LooseGemstone1

1. Aries (March 21-April 20)

Aries never know what will. That’s why when you go, go headfirst. So, if you reach the finish line at the same time as someone else, she might say, “First!”.

Talisman lucky:

Agata is a stone of longevity with a special power protection, accounting and healing powers. The stone in contact with, turned negative energy into positive energy are constructive.

Garnet helps achieve goals, is a symbol of happiness, fidelity, love. Bring power, strength, force, enhances creativity, intelligence, imagination

Red Jasper is recognized antiquity as the mother of all stones. It is said that negative energy sent back where they were created. The talisman of accelerating energies of Aries gives lust for life, courage, passion, performance and success bringing holder. It strengthens the body after surgery.

2. Taurus (April 21-May 21)

Born baffled natives of Taurus are now very high, very low and now they even realize what is happening exactly.
Very pămâneteni, Taureans love happy movies, where everyone has fun. I love to psychoanalysis friends because they never have enough life experiences.

Talisman lucky:

Sapphire has incredible protective powers, annihilating the negative energies of any kind should be. Also, after cleaning, if you will load energy with a desire, they are likely to come true.

Emerald is a stone of prosperity, harmony and love. It is a stone of fidelity, love and steadfastness mutual.

A crystal irreplaceable jewels of a bull quartz is a stone protecting the essence because, do not forget, quartz is most commonly used in cristaloterapie. Placed directly on the skin well calculated in points (chakras) has beneficial effects on our health.

3. Gemini (May 22-June 21)

The most lively and adaptable children zodiac, Gemini are the most deprived of obsessions and manias. With them, nothing is set in stone. Like attract butterflies and just as elusive, Gemini mind often through lack of fixed parts.

Talisman lucky:

Agata is a stone recommended for all zodiac signs (and few are those who have such a wide range of activity), but can be worn with confidence by those born in May and June, orators, teachers, salesmen, secretaries, intellectuals in general for those who have basic communication profession.

Perla brings twin “youth without old age …” creativity, wisdom. It is a stone of sincerity, purity. Protects children and mothers, the family in general.

Carnelian can be used as such. It is a stone of passion, love, stimulating energy. And Gemini seldom accuse lack of energy.

4. Cancer (June 22-July 22)

If you were born under this sign, you want to know what happens in the lives of everyone in the galaxy, though not know what happens in yours.

Talisman lucky:

Chalcedon talisman this sign. A milky white stone and inflections done if to emphasize brightness blue white. From the very chinetesenţa its Chalcedon radiates calm.

Calcite is a stone comunicatorilor- orators, writers, teachers, politicians, being particularly appropriate socialization, interpersonal relationships.

Moonstone is milky white, opalescent. Protecting marriage, children, women, wedding jewelry is preferred to the detriment of beads. It is believed that it is a good luck stone, a sacred stone, love, hope, desires fulfilled.

5. Leo (July 23-August 22)

Leo has, in fact, a big drop: his own person. If I were him, even the sun should revolve around him!

Talisman lucky:

Chalcedony, because it protects from negative energies;

Carnelian that stimulate creativity and zest for life;

Citrine brings good luck and good humor;

6. Virgo (August 23-September 21)

How many manias (small or large) has, Virgin would be able to call and “maniacs small sign”.

Talisman lucky:

Onyx, a black stone with gradient layers, lighter, reaching the cream and carnelian, suggesting playful flames of fire are talismans this sign.

7. Libra (September 22 to October 22)

Never natives of this sign are not sure of anything, and that makes them almost quarrelsome some professionals, but they will never recognize this.

Talisman lucky:

Onyx stone is specific September, those who have destiny number 3 could be termed as generic as the young stone has a powerful protective effect on them, bringing good luck, love, peace, understanding, success in marriage, friendship.

Carnelian suggests fire and flame holder chef brings life and energy. It is appropriate for those with destiny number 5 or 6. It is a rock energy, luck, success, love and prosperity. The stone actors.

8. Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Scorpio has a compelling and resourceful personality, being able to perform amazing feats. So it is worth to admire him and try to understand him, despite the “shadow” of his.

Talisman lucky:

The stones of this sign are red or deny the. Red crystals, governed by Mars, amplifies: energy, initiative, enthusiasm for life, courage, competition, success. Black crystals enhance reliability, Reality, openness to truth.

Aquamarine (blue-green) is the talisman Scorpio. Because it has a strong protective role (water or air), facilitates communication and comprehension, increasing intelligence and quickness in thinking, communication, psychic qualities, thus serving the ultimate goal of Scorpio to understand the world that surrounds him.

Coral another important semiprecious stone of the zodiac, falls within the general property of the Zodiac: red. Stimulates passion, creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, concentration. Enlarge intellectual ability, reasoning, concentration.

Hematite red, gray or black, bring peace, protects against low vibration energy, revitalizing the circulatory system, with a powerful curative.

9. Sagittarius (November 22-December 20)

Vitality Sagittarius is exhausting and welcomes all with a smile. They posses a gentle spirit and some huge blunders. But they are almost always forgive, because they are cheerful, sympathetic and “good guys”.

Talisman lucky:

Turcoazul– stone of life and happiness. It helps regenerate the body, increase courage, creativity and wisdom. It has strong protective role against negative energies. It is said that changes color in their presence.

Pearls – “Tears of God” have strong protective role, but are the quintessence of beauty, femininity, gentleness. By their power beads helps you keep youth.

Amethyst – stone of spirituality, pure, protects against evil attacks.

10. Capricorn (December 21-January 19)

Capricorn is a goat and mountain goats are struggling with and it dominates. If you see a Capricorn jumping from tenth floor, follows it, for sure it will take up. More than luck, believe in their own effort.

Talisman lucky:

Onyx (Black) – a rock of safety and security, which in addition to his role as protector also helps in solving difficult situations easier by finding solutions; controlling emotions, increases confidence, luck.

Onyx stone is a confidence, luck helps tutelage authority that acceptance by birth Capricorn is tailored to work, restores the joy of living. It has a powerful protective effect on health, aceelerând recovery following illness.

Snowflake Obsidian protects the family, protects against dangers, brings balance, progress, love, fidelity. The beauty unreal, obsidian stimulates wisdom, spirit, concentration.

11. Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

It is a being who lives far future as it would be past. It has one idea per second; the only drawback is that when you are going to implement them comes another, and another, and another.

Talisman lucky:

Fluoritul, a beautiful stone transparent alternating layers of purple and green is a stone karmic, spiritual, offering everything by simply wearing health, protection, money, luck, friendship. Protect your family.

Lapis enhances communication, stimulate memory, creativity, helps solve nenînţelegerilor of torque.

Birthstone, a translucent stone with rainbow effect or white glows blue, is indicated for doctors, psychologists, protect marriage, children, women, destiny, life changes.

12. Pisces (February 19-March 20)

“Works” only based on emotions, perceptions, impressions and insights. Most are touched by “sidromul relativity” (Einstein was over!). They know that reality is never alone, but that has many facets.

Talisman lucky:

Fluorite is translucent in its varieties and purple of the amethyst one spot but also has a variety of sea waters like blue and green edging. Also is a spiritual stone, karma, energizing, family protection and protection against misfortune.

Turquoise – a crystal of protection: against hazards, accidents, negative energies, fears of various diseases, etc.

Jasper – again a stone karmic particularly suitable for specific Fishes creativity, to enhance brain activity, for socializing, for a positive attitude.

The most anticipated new movies 2014

filme-noi-2014-300x148Year 2014 promises to be full of fantasy cinema viewpoint. Film directors Sea Fortress and abandon for now venturing into the real peasants fighting superheroes, mutants or samples and sketches, to the delight of moviegoers eager for adventure travel in space and time.31-Rob-Zombie-Heads

Here’s what we’re waiting films in cinemas in 2014:

1. Godzilla

Director: Gareth Edwards
Genre: Action / Aventrură / SF
Premiere: May 16, 2014

The film is part of the franchise “Godzilla” created by Japanese studio Toho film. It is the second film “Godzilla” produced by American studios, the first being “Godzilla” in 1998’s Monsters director Gareth Edwards is signing this new series. The film carries on its action in recent times, showing the monster Godzilla as a force of nature gigantic and frightening that threatens to destroy humanity. Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays the role of a soldier in battle with the fearsome creature of the title. It seems that Edwards chose to huge reptile, a more traditional look, which, in any event, fans were looking forward …

2. X-Men: Days of Future Past

Director: Bryan Singer
Genre: Action / Adventure / Fantasy
Premiere: May 23, 2014

Mutants are back! If until now I thought all was a huge Avenger-ILOR film that marks the return of Bryan Singer’s X-Men mutant universe has a huge ambition. Magneto, the most formidable opponent of mutants led by Professor Xavier, is the star of this film produced by Marvel. The film presents the events of telekinetic mutant youth when his parents are killed by the Nazis. Crazy revenge on those who killed his family, Magneto meets Charles Xavier, who tried to restrain him. Magneto and Xavier will be interpreter of Ian McKellen and Patrick all Stewert, this time to rejuvenate with special effects.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy

Director: James Gunn
Genre: Action / Adventure / SF
Premiere: August 1, 2014

Marvel Studios film transcends this world and in space launches, starring Chris Pratt in his role as Star-Lord, an arrogant anti-hero in the style of Han Solo in Star Wars, who leads the team of heroes title. Director James Gunn wants to combine several genres, and fans can enjoy the humor, drama and romance.

4.The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Director: Marc Webb
Genre: Action / Adventure / Fantasy
Premiere: May 2, 2014

The first “Amazing Spider-Man” seemed a little deja vu all chapters, so expectations are a spectacular development of the story in this second film.La a year after his battle with the Lizard, Peter Parker has a life on who divides your time between the removal of criminals and his girlfriend, Gwen. Peter did not forget the promise Gwen’s father, which is to stay away from his daughter, but simply is a promise that can not comply. Things will take a dramatic turn for them when they enter the scene a new villain, Electro, and Peter discovers other and other details of his family’s mysterious past. Jamie Foxx in the role of Electro promises to be spectacular.

5. Interstellar

Director: Christopher Nolan
Genre: SF
Premiere: November 7th, 2014

The film is based on the theory physicist Kip Thorne that supports the existence of wormholes. Thus, the story will include space travel and time travel made by a group of scientists who arrive in another dimension.
“Interstellar is the most ambitious film that Chris Nolan did before. And frankly, he made a few such projects, so imagine what it is and I will. He is a filmmaker with everything deosbit: no problems on set, he solves it all. He works as an artist, but also what budget could have wishes. We finished filming was even faster than the deadline, “said actor Matthew McConaughey, the protagonist of the film, told Collider.

6. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Directors: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Genre: Action / Adventure / SF
Premiere: April 4, 2014

Captain (Chris Evans) makes a new film on his own, this time with the shares placed after the events of Avengers movie. After the events of “The Avengers”, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) lives in Washington, trying to find their place in the modern world after having spent decades frozen in eternal snows of the Arctic. But once an employee S.H.I.E.L.D. is attacked, Steve finds himself embroiled in a mystery that may jeopardize worldwide. Along with Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), the hero attempts to unravel the threads until it is too late and it will throw against a formidable opponent and familiar at the same time, winter warrior.

7. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (part I)

Director: Francis Lawrence
Genre: Action / Adventure / Drama
Premiere: November 21

In “Mockingjay: Part 1”, Katniss becomes the symbol of rebellion against the Capitol despotic and trying at all costs to take revenge on President Snow. Thus, Katniss takes the role of “mocking jay” but instead require immunity to all who were tribute in “The Hunger Games,” including her friends Peeta, Johanna and Anie. Film franchise is based on a trilogy of novels for teens written by American novelist Suzanne Collins. The action of the three novels happens in the future, in the former North America, where civil war has led to 12 districts controlled by an elite amoral and gorged. Every year, to reassert their dominance, they kidnap 12 young and throws in a bloody and deadly contest in which only the winner survives.

8. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Directors: Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez
Genre: Action / Crime / Thriller
Premiere: August 22, 2014

Like the first film, “Sin City 2” is based on one of the comic books of Frank Miller and “A Dame to Kill For” without a screenplay. The action of this production is placed in chronologically’s ahead of “Sin City”, which is why’ll see characters that we know were killed. The most interesting aspect of the film is monochrome Eva Green in the role of Ava Lord, one of the most slippery and manipulative characters ever created, made to clean up everything in its path, as in the movie 300: Rise Of An Empire.

7 gift ideas for March 8

tulips-300x146Spring on our doorstep and with it the series of celebrations dedicated to women. Merchants beat the offers that are more or less colored “and ad hoc fairs come your way at every turn. Variations are numerous and hard choice! If you’ve already given your favorite perfume, much desired book or bracelet that do not let her sleep, it’s time to move on to the next level and to appeal to creativity.Easter-Gift-Ideas-Collection-2015

Here are some ideas for gifts for March 8 that surely will not soon forget:

1. Invite her out

I do not think we’re in trouble with this tip. You know her best and know what kind of event they pleased, and the offer is generous. Theater, concerts, cinema … is your choice:

This is what gives Capital:

– “Cherche la femme” … a show of pantomime and dance, light and dark, harsh reality and dream sweet. Speaking of illusions, insights and pain, “Cherchez la femme!” Talks about love, the miracle of the universe. (Bucharest, Saturday, March 8, 2014 19:00 Theatre Company “DP mats” str. Lipscani. 53.)

– Concert Luna Amara factory (Bucharest. Saturday, March 8, 2014 9:00 p.m. Str. June 11 Nr. 50)

– Concert collectively Republic (Bucharest. Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 21:00)

2. Throw it on the plane … but not before you are sure the parachute paraşută.Salturile “leisure” with instructor are being linked to it in tandem. They can be made with or without shooting, photo, so prices ranging between 150 and 250 euros. The height from which the salt is 3000-4000 meters. That means almost one minute of freefall speed of 180 kmh.
skydiving March 8
Where do such Jumping

2. Romanian Air Club

Brothers 3.TNT

4. Skydive Transilvania


3. Take it cannoned

Maybe not even around the world, but it will certainly be an unforgettable experience. It is true the price is pretty steep (for 2 people + driver: 400 euro (200 euro / person) but worth the trip banii.idei gifts

Details of the flight:
– Times are given for take-off at sunrise and sunset
– Duration: about an hour; (can be made over a period of more than 2 hours)
– Flights are performed in zone Clinceni, Mihăileşti Gorneni or other areas if possible
– After landing is a “baptismal”: a glass of champagne and certificates to those who flew for the first time with hot air balloon

For a balloon voyage visit: or

4. Blind întuneric- Supper Restaurant

In Bucharest, str. Traian’ll find Blind Restaurant. You must make your reservation necessarily because this place can only eat at certain times: 18 or 21, and the menu command is given in advance. Although you will not find sophisticated cuisine or to put your problems in identifying the ingredients necessarily experience worth trying even for the sake of the game, but also for the amusement of trying to catch the fork or spoon which does not see the plate. More than an “adventure” culinary dine in the dark will require senses to the fullest.

5. City break

Surprise her with a romantic weekend in the city of items. During this time the travel agencies are competing offers. (,,

6. Developing A Personal

Give him the opportunity to discover the artist in her. Those from Calea Victoriei come with the perfect gift, a subscription to one of their workshops, and the palette is vast. Anthropology and Folklore, Fine Arts, Architecture and Art History, Astronomy, and the theater, history of costume and fashion, interior design and Fotofrafie are just some of the courses offered by the foundation.

7. A subscription to Capoeira

Gift 8 martiePrin the harmonious and creative techniques of martial arts with elements of dance, capoeira put in a continuous motion and fluid throughout the body, resulting in direct a healthy body, strong and stylish, plus capacity for coordination, control and balance .

Capoeira means first movement and grace, the pleasure of a game based on communication and anticipation and can be practiced by anyone, at any age.

Where can you practice CapoeiraŞ

Alemar Group Capoeira – Bucharest

Capoeira Brasil Romania- Iasi

Vadiação group Capoeira – Cluj-Napoca

And for traditionalists incurable already know, one swallow does not make a summer, but a bunch, YES!

Free Daily Horoscope

Most people do not start the day without checking what the stars say about their sign. Most, however, take the information we receive good without knowing they appear in the horoscope. Very few know how it works Zodiac and the reasons why the planets influence their lives. How and to where?free-daily-horoscope-(39)-1

It seems that horoscope is based on one of the seven Hermetic laws that say: “what is above is below”. Therefore ancient people, looking at the stars could anticipate events that had to happen on earth, because everything in the universe is connected. Nothing exists independently in this reality. So signs were created in the form that we know today.

Aside from this brief introduction which is actually the signs, I wish to bring to your attention a site that can satisfy your curiosity shaft every day: This site provides detailed predictions for each sign in hand, nay, horoscopes can provide customized on request. For example, a site that benefits from this new service is, who can inform users when the odds are so on their side during poker parties. It is well known that many poker players are superstitious, so astral information can influence whether and how should one day play a certain player.

For those wishing to receive information about their email sign, site offers them a free newsletter service. Through its subscribers receive their daily zodiac trends directly in your email box.

Another feature available to users of the Facebook application is horoscope which can be installed for free by any user of social networking. So everyone can have access to astrology predictions of experts who can interpret trends in each zodiac sign in terms of money, love, health and professional success.

The site also features weekly predictions, but also a Chinese horoscope for those seeking an oriental influence in their lives. It is well known that the Chinese horoscope are European with the most popular forms of predictive astral world.

Top 5 programs as pictures

Anyone who uses a computer regularly somewhat momendat was a need to change at least one picture. The problem that arises in this case is that there are a variety of image editing software, depending on users’ needs and budget. That’s why I made this list of the most folsitoare programs covering a wide range of needs.programs

5. Paint – Yes, Paint. It comes with every computer that has Windows installed and provides a basic functionality, but which is only suitable for small touches such as crop, modifies size, adding text etc. It is very intuitive so you do not need to watch the whole tutorial to use it since the first. About 80% of regular users’ needs can be covered by Paint.

4. Pick Pic – A free software that’s kind of variant of Paint’s evolution that has more features: screenshots exceeding Screen Fit, virtual on-screen ruler, color picker etc. In Paint, for example, if you want to add some text over an image, it can not be moved or changed after press the Enter key, but completely overlaps the image. To make the changes you need to “undo” it and start over. Pick Pic allows you to edit text added to an image at any time, until its salvation.

3. Sumo Paint – It can do almost everything Pic Pick but has some extra features such as some special brushes, fractal generator, generate symmetrical shapes, possibility to modify the image perspective, 3D effects etc. However the feature does not have to do print screen sites coming out of the screen and can make framing Pick Pic. Sumo Paint is a free version and two versions Pro, but which have reasonable costs 9 or $ 19 for life.

2. Gimp – It’s one of the most complex programs as pictures, with about the same features as Photoshop. The scanner great advantage over ante-called Gimp is that it costs money. In fact, it was created to serve as an alternative to free and open source professional editing programs, which are usually exorbitant.

1. Photoshop – By far the most common image-editing program, especially due to the many features incorporated in it. It is used mainly by professionals. However anyone can learn to use it if you follow some Photoshop tutorials then putting them into practice (relatively steep learning curve). But the high price ($ 600) prompted many users to choose detrimetul Gimp in Photoshop, or to download a pirated copy from the Internet.

Greece Offers 2013 Early Booking, Last Minute and All Inclusive

It is well known that Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Romania during the summer season. This is due to several factors: proximity to Romania, affordable prices, high quality tourism services and natural attractions not found in our country (thousands of kilometers of beach, hundreds of islands, clear water and warm, relief volcanic mountains etc.). Consequently, every year, between 200,000 and 250,000 Romanian tourists come to spend their holidays in Greece, either with families or in groups of friends. This number is growing despite the economic crisis in our country but also in Greece.greece-financial-crisis

The most popular types of vacations in Greece are all-inclusive offerings, ensuring guests a complete package (transport, accommodation and food) at good prices. The most popular offers all inclusive hotels are 3 and 4 stars, and compared to previous years is an increase luxury tourism (no. Of packs sold in 5-star hotels). Offers for vacations all inclusive in Greece can be found on the websites of various travel agencies or travel aggregators such as this site offers.

Regarding last minute offers in Greece, they may have some very competitive prices. The object, such deals occur when travel agencies fail to sell all packages reserved seeking such solutions to fill empty seats even if it means sacrificing a part of profit. For agencies loss would be much greater if Lourie would remain unsold. However, the great disadvantage of these offers is that the departure may be even the next day purchasing. So addresses many tourists who porgram a more flexible, which allows them to be able to go in maximum 1-2 days.

Greece OffersAnother type of offers for vacations in Greece are the Early Booking. In general, these types of deals are sold before the season, sometimes chair of the months from November to December of the previous year. As a bliet for a stay in Greece is bought in advance so it is cheaper. This is because the flights purchased in advance are available at much lower prices than normal, and the fact that hoteliers practice reduced prices to those displayed in high season. This strategy enables them to have a flow of money (even if reduced) outside the summer season, money that can make preparations for the busy summer months, so the quality of services offered to tourists to be at a maximum.

The most popular destinations in Greece are particularly Adriatic islands, which have a coastline exotic: Santorini, Halkidiki, Skiathos, Thassos, Crete, Corfu, Lefkada, Rhodes, Mykonos and others.

Hail: A destructive weather phenomenon

hailstorm12Hail is a phenomenon that occurs during the summer months, consisting in the cumulo nimbus clouds type, when raindrops pass through layers of air colder than zero degrees Celsius. Since this phenomenon occurs especially in summer, hail is a nightmare for any farmer, as it can destroy whole crops in a few minutes.

Although there is hail insurance is well known that the vast majority of the peasants practicing subsistence agriculture, which is why agricultural insurance costs represent a significant amount of their annual budget. Because of this, every year there are people who lose entire crops without receiving any compensation. As for floods, hail can scale natural disasters.

Not only crops may be affected by this meteorological phenomenon, but also buildings or other targets of economic interest to man. A flurry of large hail can easily destroy windows or roofs, even if the latter are made of resistant materials like tiles. And most cases of mandatory household insurance does not provide compensation in case of hail, which means that pagubitii support of pocket repairs damaged buildings.

The worst aspect though is that even hail may be victims if people are surprised by this phenomenon in the open and have nowhere to shelter. However, so far there is no reliable method of defense against hail. Meteorologists can see the types of clouds that could produce hail, but preventing its formation is not possible.

The appliance lately have so-called anti hail rockets, but are however very expensive and have a very high success rate. In rural areas there wont beat colpotele church if such a storm, hoping that sound vibrations (or even God) will destroy the ice formed in the clouds.

Review Samsung Galaxy SIII

Not much I purchased a Samsung Galaxy SIII, my previous tefelonul the iPhone. Yes, I am one of those who made the switch Apple -> Andorid mostly because I wanted more control over my phone. I enjoy when a company decides what they can and can not do with a good pay out of my pocket. For this reason, and the desire to try something new I made this change of gadgets.Review Samsung Galaxy SIII

The phone came in a blue box, supple and well planned. He started first and started to play with for Option and settings. One of the first things we did was go to the section with ringtones and music exchange standard with something interesting. Then I customized background (unlike the iPhone, the Galaxy S3 can have backgrounds video), I secure the phone with a code of 6 figures (you can choose a certain movement of the finger on the screen instead code numbers) and I start to download applications from Adoriod Market.

As general benefits that you have Samsung Galaxy SIII against the iPhone, I remember micro card’s memory may be removed at any time and can be used in other gadgets, it has a battery that can be removed and replaced manual ( that you and more than Apple), homescreen can be customized with all sorts of widgets (weather, alarm, calendar, etc.) when sending emails Orie can attach file type (iPhone can send only images and videos), you can install any message tones like if you download an application that did not like you can return it and get your money back. There would be other advantages that Galaxy SIII against the iPhone Samsung, but for lack of time, I’m limited to those mentioned.

Regarding the less good parts (and they exist) would remember that the vibration mode of the phone is not exactly practical. IPhone vibration was much stronger and more noticeable than the Galaxy S3’s. Then occasionally appear software updates that can be downloaded only via a wireless network … it does not work if you attempt to download them via the Orange mobile internet where I’ll subscription. There are also some shortcuts that generate screenshots that you want without trigger while using the phone. Perhaps these shortcuts can be disabled, but I have not yet figured out how.

I decided to learn French without a teacher

bonjourOne of the goals that want to achieve this year is learning a new language. I parry that learning a new language has many benefits not only to the obvious communication with other people who speak the language. I mean the whole learning process that stimulates creativity, memory, facilitates the creation of new synapses in the brain, thinking skills, etc. So mastering a foreign language is just one of many benefits you I could get, so instead of staying on Facebook choose to do something productive with my time.

Therefore, I as claimed this year to learn French (and next year may Italian). I took a French dictionary and started a Roman road. A … .I forgot to mention that want to learn French without a teacher, so alone. I think so I can better structure the program and I could make faster progress. I have read various articles on the net of people who have learned some very difficult and dubious languages ​​(like Chinese, Swahili, etc.) in just a few days. I even saw a case study about how a guy learned Lingala (language spoken in Congo) in just a few hours.

If others can mean that there is no reason why you can not learn French without a teacher, the more that Romanian and French resembles so much between them. However I have an ace in the hole … The guy who taught Ling achieved this performance thanks website which has been designed specifically for those who want to learn a foreign language in a more efficient manner and at a time as shorter. The concept behind this site, which also makes learning porcesul be easy, is converting mechanical learning the game. So, instead of to remember grammar rules or meanings of various words, you’re challenged with other players to get a score as good.

Of course this approach does not exclude the need to use a dictionary French novel, especially when not at the computer and have to converse or read something in French. But surely MEMRI is a tool that will allow me to reach an intermediate level in a much shorter time than using classical methods of learning.

Then, to move from intermediate to advanced level planning to move somewhere a Francophile country for six months. And total immersion language in everyday speech can lead to progressive jumps much higher than its practice here, where everyone speaks Romanian. This is pretty much my plan to learn French without a teacher.

Tell me what clothes club have to tell you who you are

In any young wardrobe today (and especially girls) clothes club occupies an important segment. That’s because out in the club, or ‘clubareala’ What is it called in the slang language, pick up a few challenges those keen nightly entertainment.clothes club

First is social pressure that has been apparent since the club’s door, because “to give good” must integrate with the rest of the crowd. That means you can not do so on the scene night, tam-nesam but you must arrange to get ferchezuiesti and do your personal avatar which attract more eyes … that eventually that ‘ the main purpose of the game, right?

For those who work out in the club’s sporadnica problem clothes club it is not very acute, as can repeat outfits without anyone realizing, even close friends. But for people who would comply, and even for those coming out almost weekly, the club is important wardrobe dilemma: how do you do that every time out to look good without wearing the same outfit again. The solution is seemingly simple: “you buy very many clothes club and you’re out, d’uh!” Exactly parents would say those millionaires who think that money is just some plastic sheets which however never exhausts hard you try to get rid of them.

But what happens if you do not have an unlimited budget and should be think 2 times before hitting 2-300 lei on a shirt? Not much you can dress entirely from large firs (Gucci, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, etc.) and you have to look for alternatives. One is not to scour the malls looking for chilipiluri but to move your search on the Net, where countless websites selling clothes online at half their price shelf, because these virtual stores are exempt from a lot The major expenses: rent, sellers, local mafia protection fees etc. So afford to offer the same products for smaller amounts of money.

Another solution would be targeting budget stores like Mini Prix that offers cheap clothes from last season and not sold in other countries richest in the rest of Europe. For this you have to step a little on pride and go out clubbing the next time you have a little stained conscience. But worth it! So you can take more mojito sites, one just one night.

But you can go even lower than this: you wake up one morning weekend at 6-7 and no one to see you, you go in Europe, or if you stay in the province, the local bazaar. There imitations find any prices dozen brand. A few hundred denarii you can take a trailer clothes club to keep you a full season. Their problem is that there is little quality. You have to take the risk that it might disintegrate after the first wash, or worse … on the dance floor. And then the whole charade will end in a shameful way for you, but no matter, because tomorrow is a new day club!

Top 5 hottest PC games in 2013

During 2013 announcing a series of launches long-awaited by fans of PC games. In this article I will address the most promising 5 games in my opinion of any kind (action, shooter, strategy, etc.).hottest PC games

1. Starcraft II: Heart of
It is probably one of the most anticipated action games for PC in 2013. Heart of the Swarm is a game in itself but an expansion pack to the base game Starcraft II, yet I say that fully deserves its place in the forefront especially considering that the phenomenon is called Starcraft world’s gmaing. This add-on comes with missions and new creatures, and with the possibility toys in multiplayer mode.

2. Sim City
The popular simulation game Urban first launched in 1989, returns this year with a new version that besides the usual improvements in technical and graphic comes with a novelty in terms of game-play: contrary to previous versions, new Sim City 2013 do not have a minimum or maximum ceiling of the economy. So the simulation is closer to the real model to follow because the real market economy principles. It remains to be seen how this change users will get quite large compared to the traditional style of play.

3.Grand Theft Auto 5
Grand Theft Auto series debuted in 1997 based on a concept of “open-world” in which the player has no boundaries imposed in game map and can do whatever he wants. The gameplay is based on fulfilling missions that require looting cars and beyond, many shootings and avoid the police. What’s new Grand Theft Auto 5 is that instead of a single opinions anymore, there will be three.

4. Crysis 3
Crysis is a first person shooter that is remarkably out under the banner of Electronic Arts. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in the place where there was once New Yourk city, now in ruins. Prophet main character is a mercenary corporations thirst for revenge against demons trying to dominate the world. The launch is scheduled for the month of April 2103.

5. Tom Rider
The new game Tomb Rider series will be released in March 2013. Iubiorii this game will probably be delighted to meet again on Lara Craft and take part in new adventures. But compared with that of the preceding editions Lara was an acrobatic assassin without mercy, in this release we find the depiction of a shipwrecked on a desert island. Will this change of direction to please the fans? Remains to be seen…

In my opinion they are the biggest names in PC games that will appear in 2013. Certainly there are other releases which deserve to be discussed, the lack of time I limited to 5. And if you happen to download any of these Free PC games torrents and then do you just play it, try the original version if you buy and outdated. Such games help manufacturers and others to do at least as good as the one you just played.