The Hunt for a Good Cover

Gun stock covers are a good idea for hunters, but some of the ones that I’ve come across have varied in quality. Much like the rifles themselves, the covers are made by different manufacturers, and not all of them have the same level of quality assurance or use high quality materials. I’ve bought one stock that only lasted for one use before it fell apart, which didn’t make any sense at all. I could see something with moving parts fall apart, but a piece of cloth that was sewn together should not fall apart after one use. I think the company who made this cover went out of business.

Since I bought that terrible cover, I did some research to find out which company makes the best one. I should have done this in the first place, but it’s better to do it eventually instead of not doing it at all. Examining a lot of customer reviews helped me form a good idea of which cover is the king of the market. One particular cover seemed to have the most positive reviews out of any of them. The battle for the top spot was pretty close, but this cover had the edge.

I can see why the cover had the most positive reviews. This cover felt good on the stock and against my body. The cover had some slots to hold extra ammunition, which is a bonus. There have been times when I needed to reload my rifle, but I wasn’t able to easily access my ammunition. In the woods, you have to save as much time as possible when trying to hunt an animal. Taking out more ammunition means that the hunter is making extra sound that could scare away the animals. Taking out ammunition from the cover is as easy as sliding it out.

Doing Some Work After School

I needed to make some money and of course I have been mowing grass and doing some landscaping for as long as I have been able. One of the people I mowed grass for when I was a kid is now an Indian Wells real estate investor. He is like some of those guys you see on the DIY Network and those other TV channels where people buy derelict houses and fix them up. He is more diversified than that really. He owns several dozen houses, mostly small single family homes on the South side of the city. Of course the great thing if you are me is that it can be done really quickly a lot of the time. He has one house where the yard has so little grass that you could literally almost do it with a weed eater. Continue reading

Removal of Browser Hijack Virus

I have used computers for decades and I have had my fair share of viruses and other computer problems during the course of that time, but I can say pretty confidently that this is one of the most annoying computer viruses I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with, and I have no idea why it is being such a pain to get rid of. It shouldn’t be this hard, so I do not know what is going on. I am looking for a redirect virus removal solution that will get rid of the virus, so that I do not have to deal with it anymore, because there is a decent chance that it is going to drive me crazy if I have to spend too much more time trying to get rid of it.

I figured that it would not be that hard to get rid of, and so I started working on taking it off my computer earlier today. I could not have imagined how wrong I would be about the ease with which I would get rid of the virus. Continue reading

New Career in Esports Industry

I want to find a new career, because I am not really happy with the industry I am working in, and I do not like my particular job very much either. It was not so bad at first, but after being here for 5 years, it has really worn on me, and it is to the point where I just want to do something completely different. I want to learn about careers in Esports, because that is something that I would really enjoy, and it is also something that I think I would be quite good at as well.

I have always enjoyed esports, ever since they first started to exist. I find that I probably spend at least two or three hours a day watching streams of esports on the Internet. My wife is not very happy with the fact that I spend so much time watching esports and I think it actually annoys her quite a bit that I do this. Continue reading

Electrician for Hire in NJ

I would like to convert my garage into an extra room in the house, but in order to do that, I am going to have to have electricity hooked up, and that is a problem. Well, it is a bit of a problem, at least in that I don’t know how to do it on my own. So I need to hire someone for the job and I am looking into electrician in NJ who are available for hire. I want to find someone that will do a good job and make sure everything meets the local building codes for wiring, but also someone who won’t charge me too much for the job.

Of course, I do not really know much about the costs for this type of work, so it might be hard for me to avoid paying too much. In theory though, I will try to avoid spending too much, but it waits to be seen as to whether that will actualy work out. I am pretty excited about turning the garage into an extra room in the house, because it is going to give my family a lot of extra room that we desperately need. Beyond that, it will also fulfill the purpose of giving my son his own room, and I know that he isn’t thrilled about having the garage as his room. But he will enjoy having his own room either way.

Besides, he doesn’t know how it is going to look once it is done. We are going to put power into it, carpet, and paint the walls. Plus we are going to do other things to make it more liveable, and to look more like the rest of the house. My only hope is that it won’t cost too much for all of this work.

Tell Her That You Care

It could be very difficult for people to articulate how they feel for the ones they love. I know that my dad is a very stoic person and that it could be very difficult for him to tell us how he felt about us growing up, but he had no problem telling my mom how much he loved her. He was also very affectionate with her and it showed. He would write love poems for her and I knew that it meant a lot to her. He was very different with her than he was with us and I still have a hard time understanding that as an adult with a family of my own. Continue reading

Consulting with Singapore Movers About Moving Illegal Items

If you are planning on relocating to Singapore, you will benefit from consulting with a Singapore mover before hand. Depending on where you are moving from, making arrangements for shipping and then moving certain personal items to your new residence can all be coordinated by a moving company.

Professional Singapore movers can handle the receipt of anything you want to ship, from furniture and appliances to your personal items like clothing. Most of all, an experienced Singapore mover can help you avoid the consequences of trying to bring illegal items, or even stuff that has quantity restrictions. Here are few of the things that you can either not bring into Singapore, or items that have a quantity restriction attached to them.

There are things on this list that you may find odd, but they are things that you cannot bring as part of your move to Singapore. This list is not all-inclusive, but does contain some common mistakes that people who move to Singapore encounter.

  • Drugs & Narcotics: Obviously narcotics and drugs are on the list, but be sure that you also check any non-branded prescription medications. Continue reading

Becoming a Good Commercial Artist

It is not going to be easy to earn a living as an artist and I am trying to figure out if I am going to be able to do it. I am going to be getting out of high school in a few months and of course I am thinking about going to a trade school to take graphic design courses and art classes. Right now I realize that I am shy of the skills that I need to earn money in the field. It is not so difficult for you to sit around and doodle, but that is not what you get paid for. Probably a good number of people can earn some money as artists of the sort that you read about in books, Picasso, Van Gogh and Rembrandt. Continue reading

Finding a Reason to Smile

I have always had pretty bad teeth. I had always wished that I had taken better care of them while growing up but as an adult I was too busy to see a dentist. Or so I told myself. The truth was that after an incredibly emotionally scarring experience with a dentist as a teen, I had been far to anxious to see another. They got to a point where I couldn’t ignore them while I was living in Singapore. A front tooth fell out and I had to find a dentist to give me a dental bridge in Singapore. I was worried about the standard of care I would receive in a foreign country as well as the cost.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the cost was very affordable and I made an appointment and thought about getting some anti-anxiety medication to help me get through it without going to pieces. Continue reading

Accessing a Hotmail Account Without a Password

Sometimes I have a bad habit of forgetting important things. I couldn’t remember my Hotmail Outlook login password last week and it was aggravating me. I needed to log in to read an important email, and my mind was drawing a blank as to what the password could be. After several attempts at guessing the password, I gave up and went to the section for forgotten passwords. There were a few security questions for me to answer in order to reset my password. I made these questions up when I first created the account, but it had been so long since I had seen them that I couldn’t remember the answers.

I made the questions difficult on purpose so no one besides me would be able to guess the answers to them. In hindsight, that probably wasn’t the best idea, because I couldn’t guess the answers either. I gave up on the security questions and went to the help section to find an alternative way in. From there, I was able to get into a live chat with someone who works for the mail service. I told them that I couldn’t get into my account and that I couldn’t remember the security question answers.

I thought I would have been out of luck, but the helper told me that I could enter my account another way. When I first created the account, it asked for my cell phone number as an extra verification method in case I forgot my password. The helper asked me to confirm my phone number and then sent a code to my phone via text message. I entered the code on the website and I was able to log into my account and change my password. The important email was waiting for me to read in the inbox.

Putting Down Roots in Georgia

We got used to repeating a pattern for a big retail company I worked for. I would have to spend about six months or so in different districts throughout the United States. Then I would move on to the next place. I would eventually get back into the same district I left, and I would repeat the pattern again. I handled a delicate part of their business, and people in my position would get moved along about every six months. My wife is a writer, so she works from home. We looked at apartments for rent in Stockbridge GA for the next stint in the southeast district. We would look for six-month leases, and the company covered a lot of the expenses. They would pay out a year’s lease of no suitable apartment was available for six months. The next person taking over for six months would then move in.

Most of the time I got the choice of where I wanted to rent because of my seniority. I did not have to take someone else’s apartment that worked for the company and was moving out. Less senior managers did. Well, when we moved to Stockbridge, we really liked the area. Continue reading

This App Saves Me a Lot of Money at the Grocery Store

Years ago, I really got into couponing. It was so satisfying to sit and cut out all the different discount offers in the newspaper. But once I became a full time mom, I felt that I no longer had time for that. Things have changed recently in that you can now get some great discounted items through apps on your phone, and that’s how, after reading an Ibotta review a few months ago, I rushed to join. It’s fast, simple, and there are no papers to buy and no pieces of paper to cut out for hours on end.

To get started with the program, all I had to do was to download the company app on my phone. It took all of 1 minute to download it. Another 60 minutes, and I was already registered. Within seconds, I was browsing all over the app and saw what it had to offer me. I went to the offers area and found out that if I bought certain things at the store, I would get rewards. Continue reading